Last week

On MLK day we celebrated by having a day at the park.  It was the most amazing park too- tons of playgrounds and so much to do.  We only missed our friends by a second  ecause we were like an hr late- so that was a bummer.  But we stayed and played anyway.
Then we went to target, naturally.
panda express
and Panda Express.
Where a really sweet lady told me that my kids were all well behaved and sweet.
It was so nice to hear and I would have believed her but five seconds after she walked out the door shea did not stop screaming until we left.  Not because she was mad- but just being loud.  Showing us her voice, in case we forgot what it sounds like.
At least we impressed one lady for about two minutes. Ill take it.
Every day we go on walks with Shea's walker from my mom.  She LOVES it.  We dont make it super far because she has to talk to everyone who walks and drives by and we have to gather nuts for winter.
A little real walking too.
licking the bowl
We got the brownie mix from sams.  It has not been good for my waistline, but it has been good for licking the bowl.  Shea did not hate it.
shea and her baby
We also spend a lot of time putting her baby to bed and rocking her baby.
She is not always the most gentle with her babies, some have sustained some major head injuries. but she is a lover...
And they get to go on road trips.
We went to chuck e cheese while our husbands were in vegas last week (I mean chuck e cheese > vegas, right) with Jennifer and isla and elly.  These two were a little skeptical about the car ride.  No doors? I mean, I get it.
Shea loves to watch her sisters in gymnastics.  SO much so that she tries to climb on to the mat the ENTIRE time.

IMG_5238small group fun. the baby loves small group.
Shea has also been working on her skills in the kitchen.
Her dish washing skills need a little work.
Her cookies on the other hand, need a lot.  A little flat.  I will cut her some slack, it was her first time.
Sass will show her how its done.
And yesterday I got the best surprise in the world when I opened this mug from brooke.
Best day ever.
Hope your weekend was full of rainbows, puppies, kitties, magic and sunshine.

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