February, why do you have two R's?

(For real, though.  Why?)
We have clearly been partying,
shea pushing the stroller
Copying Kenna and taking our babies for walks.  Lots of walks.
shea and nana
Keeping up with all of Nana's business;
Rescuing chickens from a dog who dragged Oreo away and we thought she was a goner.  Until the next morning when, thanks to the neighborhood newsletter, someone told me that they saw her at someone else's house! Hallelujah!  I was really more sad than I should have been for a chicken, but now she is found! who says only cats have nine lives...
We had a girls day when the boys went fishing and playing at the Booth's tree farm.
Shea was confused as to why the dinosaurs were gone.
shea and evelyn
We got to hang out with the cutest one month old baby girl.  Shea was obsessed with her and kept making her do the itsy bitsy spider.
Shea had her first ice cream cone in the car.  I dont like to brag about my organization and cleanliness, often, but clearly I am ON IT.  Babies are highly skilled at eating ice cream in the car without getting it anywhere, right?

And we have had lots and lots of SNOW!
It is just magical.
(Magical outside and a lot of throw up inside.  Stomach bug and snow days seem to love each other)
Back to googling the double r question.
Hope y'all are having a safe and healthy february with two r's (but I know that there is probably a slim chance of that.  May the force be with all of y'all.)

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