Snow Baby

Just, you know, a super cute baby in the snow for your viewing pleasure.
shea in the snow
She couldn't even walk she was so bundled up.  In Avery's snow suit from when she was a baby, which was super fun.
me and shea in the snow
And though it seems that I only love one of my children, I begged and begged my other kids to go outside with me on every occasion that it snowed.  They were not up for it.  It crushed my spirit, but luckily I have very busy toddler who is up for all of my shenanigans until we both had frozen toes.
The snow baby also is a huge help with homework.  She gets verrrrrry excited.
overall shea
annnnnnd she got overalls.  I mean.  The second allison asked if I had seen the polka dot overalls from target I was in the car on the way.
shea with flare
And we happened to get our new pins that we are attaching to all of our shirts (instead of the balloons.  Just for a change of pace) and I had to cover her in flair.  I mean, one can never have enough flair.  I am trying to figure out how I can attach them to everything I own without looking like an old camp counselor.
Just a #sheaselfie to take us out of this post.  Nothing too exciting going on besides snow, ice, canceled school, stomach bugs that won't end, and new overalls.  The flair really pulls it all together, though.
(Same rule applies to the overalls as with the snow. I asked the big girls if they wanted overalls too and they declined.  I clearly have no control.)  
Now, let's all pray we go to school tomorrow so we aren't in school making up these snow days until the end of June when my kids will actually play outside with me.


ANNNNDDDD we did not have school.
So my kids got a chance to totally redeem themselves and play with me, and it worked.  They are back on my good side.
kids in the snow
These crazy haired kids are my people.
jeff and shea
We got outside, picked up our neighbors and sledded until the baby couldn't take it anymore.
kids in the car
Best snow day EVER.  Or at least the only one we haven't been sick.  Ill take it.

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