Alter Egos

aves mazz and sass
It was a big dress up day yesterday.
mazz aves and sass on porch
pretty sass
sassys bows
Perfecting her "look off into the distance" pose for her runway days.
model sass
They also got their outfits ready for Sunday.
Picnik collage
Sass had a little trouble finding the front of her uniform.
Picnik collage
and being happy about it.
ben and baseball
Played a little indoor baseball.
aves baseball2
Overall, fun was had by all.
Someday, maybe we will hit the ball.  Outside.


Muted Pumpkins are all the rage

Well, at least at our house.
(and I am sure they have a real name thats not muted pumpkins, I just don't know what it is...)
(forgive my bad lighting and pics. I took them last night.)
I know these are not fall colors (avery is very concerned about that) and the banner is a little much.  I just got so excited.
My lone white one on the table.
I am just obsessed with the gray, white and light orange pumpkins.  I can't get over it.  I don't have any real orange ones in my house!
And then Lindsay and I were talking about wreaths and she told me about her friend that had a great mossy one.  I went to hobby lobby and got the Styrofoam ring and the bag of moss and just hot glued it on.  I just hung it with ghetto gray fabric that I am going to change, so disregard that.
I was thinking maybe some wire or something.  I will def change the pic and you guys can watch the rotation.
and a few more outside.
I know these are not exciting and my pics are so bad, but you get the idea...
Happy fall guys!! 


scarf swap

 The lovely Meredith hosted her 3rd annual scarf swap and I was so happy to be apart of it this time. 94 people signed up and Meredith paired us all up with a scarf swappin partner. I was paired up with a sweet girl named Stephanie from Georgia. I soon began blog stalking her and trying to get a feel for her style. I found an old post of hers from like 2009 (told you I stalked) and she had mentioned how she liked this scarf from Boden. So I went to the Boden and ordered her a scarf from there.
Stephanie is pregnant and about to have a sweet little girl named Annabelle very soon. I was on a flower kick from Lindi's wedding one so I decided to make a few flower hair clips for Annabelle that would match Stephanie's new scarf. I saw this tutorial on pinterst on how to make flowers out of old t-shirts.
It was so fun to send someone a package that I hadn't even met
and even more fun when I got a package from Stephanie!
The scarf she sent me was beautiful and Ella would not take it off. She loved it so much too!
Thanks so much for hosting this Meredith and thanks so much for the fabulous scarf Stephanie!



30 guys! I am 30 years old and it couldn't have been a better birthday! I was overwhelmed with the thoughtfulness and love that was put into my special day. 
It all started at 1am on Friday. McKenna must have known it was my birthday and she wanted to make sure she was the first one to tell me happy birthday. (she spoke through hungry cries) Then again at 4am and 6am. Thank you sweet Kenna for the birthday love all night long. After the 6am wake up call from Kenna I went ahead and got up for the day. One of the early bday gifts I got from my mom was a brazilian blowout. I have been meaning to tell you guys how much I love it! It takes me half the time to blow dry my hair straight so waking up to wash my hair is so less stressful now! 
So with clean and straight hair, I took Ella to school and then headed to a Friday morning bible study where my sweet friend Suni brought 30 cupcakes to class! Such a sweet surprise! The morning had started off perfect!
Then the tears came after reading the most sincere and thoughtful birthday posts from Kristen and Lindsay. Made my day.
When I got home from bible study my parents where at my house. They drove in for the day and came with lots of fun goodies! 
My wonderful in-laws Dawn and Billy got into town around 5 and they came with lots of fun goodies too! It just kept coming!
Dawn had brought a gift basket that was from my best friends Kristen, Lindsay and Aly. It was fantastic and so thoughtful! They made 30 of the coolest labels that each had a reason/memory of why they love me. Then wrapped up with each label was a gift that had to do with the reason/memory. I was cracking up! It was so fun to read and unwrap each gift! Best friends ever.
This bucket of candy that Aly put together had all the candy from the 80's in it! 
My little sister Anna gave me the most perfect gift I could ever ask for from her. I (and Ella) loved it SO much! Anna is and has always been cooler than me. It's true. When it comes to makeup she is the pro and many times I have asked her to do my eye makeup. I don't even own eye makeup because I wouldn't even know what color to buy and how to put it on. Well not anymore! Anna gave me the cutest Kate Spade makeup bag filled with eye shadows and brushes! The best part is that she included a how-to makeup instructions! She typed them out herself and gave me different ways to put on each color. How great is that?! 
First thing I did Saturday morning was sit in front of the mirror and put on eye makeup for the first time by myself! 
I had to read Anna's makeup guide many times.
My mom made these adorable 30 pinatas for my birthday! They were so cute! She saw the idea on pinterest. 
She made them out of cardboard and covered the front with pictures of me as a kid. 
We couldn't find a place to hang them so Ella just went at them with a golf club. So fun!
Just in case I was short in candy my parents gave me this cute snack bin (from pottery barn teen) full of 30 boxes of candy. Everyone knows me so well:)
Did you guys know to never buy the candy that is next to the jr. mints in the store because whatever they are touching will have the mint flavor? True story. It has ruined more than one boxes of milk duds for me.
Once Bob got home at 8pm (boo residency hours) we sang happy birthday and headed out of town for the weekend! Bob's amazing parents stayed the whole weekend with the kids so we could enjoy a weekend in Austin to celebrate my 30th!
We were so excited to get a kid free weekend! So excited that about 20 minutes down the highway Bob says "oh man, I forgot to put my shoes on!" We left so fast that he was driving with just his socks on. Haha! Lucky for him I had packed his chacos. 
We checked into the hotel around 10:30 Friday night and then took a pedicab to 6th street.
We didn't really plan to get dropped off on 6th street but we did and it was hilarious. We just walked the crazy streets in awe of all the crazy fun people. We spent Saturday doing a little bday shopping and we happen to stumble across this outdoor food tasting festival that was fantastic! It was a wonderful weekend!  
Best birthday yet! From packages and cards sent in the mail (thanks brittany, amy, ginger and nina), a beautiful bouquet of my favorite flower delivered to the door (thanks aunt sue), sweet comments on the blog, to birthday texts and calls all day long. It truly was the best day ever! 
Thank you everyone for making turning 30 so special and unforgettable! Love y'all!
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