Just so much to say and so little time...

Ok, y'all, I am still here.  Sometimes hard to believe, but true all the same.  It has been nuts over here.  NUTS.  Lots of crazy stuff going on so I am just going to throw some pics at y'all and hope you don't feel too overwhelmed...
The munch is loving gymnastics.
She even lets us put her hair in a pony tail, which, is pretty amazing since I ask to put her hair up in every possible way, every single day and she says no.  So, she is at least willing to make sacrifices for things she loves...though not people who beg her.  whatever
The peanut gallery is in full force and loves to watch her at all times.
While we are on the topic of hair, sass told me that she wanted two braids like ella and I more than willingly obliged and she did leave them in, though not for longer than five minutes.
At least it is documented.
We have not quite figured out our napping schedules with school and picking up avery and everything, so we all tend to get tired at the most inopportune times.
At least one of us gets to sleep.
This weekend I went home for a number of things.  The first was for Jennifer's 30th bday.  I can't believe that we are already 30! We had a blast and her friends are truly so so sweet.  I literally laughed until I almost peed my pants and ate the most amazing dessert in the world.  It is always so good to see these sweet and crafty gorgeous ladies who are too much fun between all of them.  I loved it.  Happy birthday sweet Jenn.  I love you so much and can not tell you how dear you are to me.  You have truly blessed my life with your friendship and I am so grateful to know you and your amazing little fam.
While I was at Jennifer's this one pulled her own (2nd) tooth and told me that she wanted the tooth fairy to come to Minnie and Jakes.  I wonder where she got that idea...
Then we all drove to my aunt and uncles lake house to hang out and I left almost immediately to go to Kate's wedding.  It was such a gorgeous wedding and I am so thankful to have been able to go.  Everything she did was so sweet and beautiful.  I can't wait to see all the pics and I will post some of those for y'all to see.  It was at the Salt Lick and the venue, food and entire ambiance was so amazing.  She looked stunning, just stunning.
And so happy.
Jo, her husband to be, just cried and she was so sweet walking down the isle.  I just loved it.  And Isla just sat in my lap the whole wedding and I ate it up.  She was a doll.  I could not put her down.
Then I drove back.
And got pulled over in the last 10 min of my drive home for not having a front license plate.  Killed me.  Luckily he just gave me a warning after I told him how many hours I had been in the car.
The next day we hung out with all the fam and it was just a blast.  It was so much fun to all be together.  I have a few pics but my cousins take incredible pics so I am just waiting for their pics...
aves in rings
sass in rings
aves smiling in hottub
heath and aves
(obviously bored with showing people her second lost tooth...)
How cute is my mom??? and that baby boy is so grown up and so smart and so cute.  Loved hanging out with him and his cousins and sweet sister.
Speaking of his sister, she there this weekend, and again, could not put her down.  She is an angel. I could just eat her up and take her home with me.
We found these two talking about where fish live.
ben and brazos
ben and brazos2
cousins in rings
aves in sunset
Then Heather took some pics of our family and these are ones that we are not looking, but you get the idea.  I can't wait to show you the ones with our eyes on her and with her camera.  These were taken with my camera by Lins, though, and she is amazing herself, so I love them too.
family photo
Then we went to the park and have been hanging out with our resident friends lately.  They are a blast and we are just loving having all the new residents here!
And this weekend we begin Blair's wedding festivities!! woo hoo!! And maybe baby ty will make his debut and baby lily!! can't wait to celebrate everyone this weekend!
and will be stalking everyone who had a camera this weekend (everyone) and get back to y'all with a proper weekend recap.  

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