Lately (in pictures)

Y'all.  So many amazing things have been happening and no time to blog them.
It has been crazy busy.  But so much fun.
We have been to ACL again with the fam and friends, my brother's restaurant opened, been to the fair twice in one day, sass got sick and threw up, I started scarves again,  etc etc etc.
So,  I am waiting for my amazing cousins to post pics of the amazingness that was acl and I am going to go through the fair pics and then I will post those. 
In the meantime I will show you guys the basic phone pics to give you an ever exciting rundown.
First, ACL
Amazing as always.  Brycie came with and she was so much fun.  More on that later.
Then Avery (me, it was my fault.  Give it to me!) got her first tardy at school.  It was a big bummer.
But then she got chosen to be the light of the week or whatever that is where you make a poster about yourself.  Before I could even try to take control of the poster board, she drew everything she wanted to tell her classmates about herself.  Both sides, front and back.  Love her.
averys all about me poster
It had to have real pictures so I put those on later.
(Don't you just love the double a in her name?! She just starts over if she isn't happy with a letter. Love it)
No one is going to question if her parents helped her out too much with this one...
Then we went to sonic and played. Intriguing.  I know.
ben at sonic 2
ben at sonic
And drank,
Then I had a dentist appt for a tooth that has been bothering me for, oh I don't know, months.  I am so dumb.  Luckily he got me all fixed up.  and numb for days.
after dentist face
and they love each other.
Then Gracie went with us to pick up avery. (This gets more interesting with every sentence.)
And I am back.
I am knitting again and loving it.
I found this fantastic yarn on sale and made this cozy scarf and am so hoping it gets cold asap.
new scarf
I will post more about more scarves for the shop as soon as I get more made.
and for the grand finale-
HUGE Congratulations to my amazing brother, his partner andy and the amazing Tiffany Derry!! It truly is so beautiful inside and out.  The food is to die for and you must go check it out if you are in Dallas!  I mean, right now.
Or go online to privatesocial.com
Y'all will not be disappointed.
Here are some pics I stole from Lindseys photos
Course #1.
Fried chicken.  ohmygosh.
Fries. Allllwwwwayyys a must.
Lettuce wraps.
Fruity Pebbles ice cream.  Hek yes.
Ok, as exciting as that run down was (except PS, which is for real incredible), I will end this thing.
Be back with more exciting pics later and some fall stuff...


Leslie said...

You so cute girl!!!! That food looks to.die.for. Must go there if I am ever in Dallas without my kids!!

Nina said...

So wish I was at ACL with you, next year! Yay PS, we are going, soon, it looks amazing!!

jojo said...

Can't wait to go to Private Social!! It looks amazing! So happy for Patrick!!

lins said...

stolen photos! hahaha but so glad you did! xoxo had so much fun with yall yesterday!!

Unknown said...

I've been following Private Social on Twitter and keeping up with all the news! It looks like its doing great! We can't wait to go!

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