are y'all ready for this?!

So my mom turned 60 this last Thursday and I had quite the surprise planned for her.
I took her pole dancing. yep. Thats right, pole dancing. Who goes pole dancing with their mom?! I know it sounds insane but it really was such a fun night full of a little bit of craziness and lots and lots of laughs. Here's how it all started. 
About a month ago my dad called me and asked what we should do for mom's 60th birthday. 60 is a big one and she threw him a great surprise party for his 60th so he wanted to do something special for her too. I told him I would start thinking and get back to him. Last year for Lindsay's bday we took her to the Girls Room in Dallas for a pole dancing class and it was so fun. I knew that my mom and all her friends would get a kick out of the class too so I began playing around with the thought of a surprise pole dancing class for my mom's bday. I called Kristen to run the idea by her and she thought it would be so fun too and she came up with Sexy 60 as the theme. It was perfect! Jo's Sexy 60 it was! So the party planning began.
I ordered black tank tops from Jcrew and used gold fabric paint. I didn't use a screen to make the shirts because I wanted the gold to be very bold. I designed the saying on my silhouette and then cut out 10 individual stencils on freezer paper. Then I painted on a couple layers with gold paint and added a touch of glitter to the word Sexy. They turned out so cute and the tanks were so soft and comfy.
Picnik collage
I made tissue paper bunting to hang in the limo and Kristen made the cutest water bottle labels for me.
Good ole Martha Stewart gave me the idea for the 60 photograph numbers and personalized party hats. I put foam board behind the photo numbers so they would stand up firm in the limo.
And then there were jello shots. I did my research on these things and found this website to be the best resource. They were a hit! I designed the label on microsoft word, printed them on sticker paper, cut them out and stuck it to the lids of plastic shot glasses I bought at party city.
Picnik collage
Here is the limo all decked out for Jo's Sexy 60 surprise!
So here is how the surprise part went down.
My mom and dad went to dinner with three other couples (Kristen and Lindsay's parents being two of those couples) at Hibiscus in Dallas. Their reservations were at 7:00 and they all took a limo there. My mom thought that I wasn't coming into town until Friday so I had been hiding out at Lindsay's house on Thursday while I waited for my parents to leave for dinner that night. I felt so sneaky being right down the street and my mom not having any idea! Linds helped me tie up a few last minute party details while we waited for the night to begin! So Lindsay, my sister Anna and I (we were so sad that Kristen, Judy, Aunt Sue and Carrie couldn't make it!) headed to the restaurant around 8:30 to meet the limo guy in the parking lot. We parked Lindsay's car for the dads to drive home and we got in the limo to start decorating. My dad texted me when they were about to come out. My mom thought the night was over and that they were all just getting in the limo to drive back home. When she opened the limo door and saw us she was beyond shocked. Anna got a great pic of her surprise face.
and this is her screaming surprise face after I told her we were going pole dancing.
The night was HILARIOUS! Absolutely hilarious and everyone had a blast! Sweet Lindsay who is 9 months prego was the photographer for the night.
Picnik collage
On the way back home we had birthday cake and laughed so hard about the night. It was just SO fun!
I had left Ella and McKenna at my parent's house with two babysitters. When the limo pulled up at 11:30 Ella came running out. She was so excited to see her Jo Jo and she was ready to have some cake! It was the perfect ending to my mom's birthday night.
Happy Birthday Mom! You are the best and I love you so much!


Misty said...

oh my gosh! that's fabulous!! your mom is just gorgeous! & I love how Ella's shirt says jojo :) so sweet! what a great birthday surprise!!

jojo said...

What a fun night this was!! I was totally surprised and blown away at how much detail was put into this party!! You are amazing at throwing a party and have a very special gift that comes straight from the heart!! Thank you for making me feel so loved and special on my big birthday!! Sweet daughter of mine, I love you so much!!

Leslie said...

Allison!!! Shut the front door!! That is awesome!! Your mom must be totally awesome as well. Love it!!

Lifethrualinds said...

That night was SO much fun! I just loved every detail and just laughing the entire night. It was a blast and I will never forget it!

Alyson Booth said...

You guys are HI-LARIOUS!!!!!! I was cracking up the whole time I was reading this! you are the most fun people I know! HAPPY 60th Jojo!!!!

Nina said...

LOVE everything about this!! So fun...Jo is one sexy mama!

jennifer said...

allison this is awesome!! such a fun party and you did an amazing job with all the details! love it!

Camila said...

This is off.the.hook. How cute are you? How cute is your mom? How cute is prego Linds? Love it all!

shae said...

so, so fun...great pictures! you are a good daughter!

Marti Smith said...

I'm dying to throw someone a Sexy Sixty party. This is awesome! Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures.

Unknown said...

That was truly a sexy 60th birthday for your mom, Allison! And just look at how happy she is in all the photos. Anna even got to take a photo of her surprised look as she opened that limousine door. I’m glad the limousine guy let you decorate it. By the way, did the limo package come with those bottled drinks and jello shots?

Earnestine Novick

Unknown said...

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