Nothing but boring what-we-have-been-doings

We went to the park this morning.
and sass thought she was a monkey.
and then got her feelings hurt.  i don't remember why...
Then we played with play dough.
stacked playdough
sass rollin
ben cheesy
ben playdough trophy
jeff and ben
avery rolling playdough
Then I realized that I have picked up and dropped avery in this shirt for the last week...I feel like the other moms might worry that I don't shower and I sleep in clothes and keep wearing them for days...ok, so thats maybe the truth.  But I feel like I should at least have them fooled for the first semester. eh.  I am still wearing it and about to sleep in it again.  I guess everyone will have to see it for at least one more day...
And I just wanted to say happy late anniversary to Jeffrey Paul.  We passed the seven year itch.  Hopefully the eighth year will be the best so far.
J&K fishin vintage
Love you Jeff.  Thanks for always being so supportive and believing in me when I don't always believe in myself.  You're such a kind and genuinely peaceful, confident person.  I am always drawn to you and your strength.  Can't wait to see what the next 77 years will be like.


lins said...

1. your commentary on your children makes me laugh every single time.
2. i love those aerial play-doh photos!
3. the picture of you and jeff is the most adorable one ever and you are the most beautiful girl i have ever seen in my life.
4. i sleep/wear/sleep/wear clothes all the time. let us not be ashamed. life 70.

jennifer said...

such a cute pic of you and jeff! i love y'all!

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