We are back! 
We have spent the last 10 days at my parents house while Bob was on a week of night float. We had a blast spending lots of time with family and friends! Here is a little recap and with some random pics of our week.
We started the week off with a cousin birthday party. I wish I had pics of all the kids and the cute winter themed party! Mira turned 12 and one of the things she asked for was a jar of gummie bears. Love a girl that puts candy on her wish list! I had so much fun filling mason jars with tons of gummie bears and I used my silhouette to make the labels on top.
 On Wednesday night my mom, sister and I took Ella to see Hairspray the musical. It was fantastic and Ella was just giddy! I wish I had pictures and video of Ella during the show but it wasn't allowed. Ella loves a musical and Hairspray has always been one of her favorite movies to watch. So when I saw that Casa Manana in ft. worth was showing Hairspray the musical I knew we had to go! 
 We were about 4 rows from the stage and Ella had an aisle seat. When the show started Ella was in awe. They started singing "good morning Baltimore" and Ella immediately turned to me and asked if she could go on stage and dance! When I told her she couldn't her eyes filled up with tears. She wanted to be apart of the show so bad! I told her she could dance in the aisle and she was happy with that. Every time they began to sing Ella would stand up and take her place in the aisle to dance. It was so cute. During the last song of the show one of the cast members came down and danced with Ella in the aisle! I wish I had a picture of Ella's face when it happened! She was in heaven. When the show was over I asked Ella what her favorite part was and she said "the girl in the red dress." The girl that came down to dance with her was wearing a red dress. I think we might have a broadway star on our hands:)
We swam a lot. Had a baby shower for Lindsay, and got some good Aunt Anna time.
Anna played hookie from work one day and we got crafty. Anna starts cosmetology school September 24th and is moving into an apartment this next week. She saw this cute calendar thing on pinterest that she wanted to have in her apartment. The one on pinterest was a calendar set up for meals but Anna wanted hers to be just a calendar for her week. We went to Lowes and bought a piece of plywood that was 5ft by 3ft. Anna wanted pink stripes in the background. The paint colors we used were Behrs pink chintz and springtime bloom. We started with the light pink and painted the whole board with that. Then we taped off 10 inch stripes and painted with the hot pink. 
Pulling the tape off is always the best part!
We then taped off 8 squares and painted them with chalkboard paint. Thats as far as we got with the project. Anna is going to stencil a saying at the top of the board and each day of the week inside each square. The 8th square will be for random notes. I can't wait to see the finished product hanging in her new apartment!
Ella and McKenna had some good sister time and McKenna mastered crawling! I don't even know what to do with myself! I never had to baby proof anything for Ella, she was never the baby who wanted to open every drawer or put everything in her mouth. Kenna is the opposite!
Picnik collage
We got home late Monday night and it was so good to see Bob. We missed him so much! McKenna must have missed Dignan too, she has been crawling over to him to lay on. So sweet!
Ella reached the cupcake line in her good girl jars last week so we made a giant cupcake yesterday to celebrate! 
Well we have been back home for two days now so I guess I should go start unpacking our bags...


The Savage's said...

Looks like you had an awesome time! If it makes you feel any better, I've been home from our little trip for over a week and my bag is still packed :(

jojo said...

We loved every minute you were here and can't wait for you to come back!!

Misty said...

I LOVE the pink and orange you always have on Ella! I made good girl jars for Masyn & you are a genius! It has been "life changing" for us too! One of M's rewards was a movie night- I had so much fun planning it out & need to blog about it tomorrow. Looks like y'all had so much fun! :)

Brittany Strebeck said...

kenna and digs!! are you kidding me. goodness. loved all of it. you sure packed some good times into one week!

Kristi said...

aww! i wonder if my friend was the girl in the red dress who danced with her. we saw hairspray on tuesday and loooved it!!

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