Scavenger Hunt

It has been SO hot lately, am I right?? (Can I get a witness?!) 
So my brain is fried. 
After I copy everything allison does, I am at a loss of ideas of things to do.
So I decided that if I make a scavenger hunt of the things that we normally do, I am just kind of amping up our regular routine.
I don't have to use my brain to think of extravagant plans and the kids are still happy. It's a win win win.
Everything is something we do pretty often (except the movie.  That one is not quite as possible for us)
but having the clue really helped make it more fun.
Avery is also working on her letters and on reading, so she loves being able to write the words out.  She is not, however, that good at rhyming so that part doesn't really help her out that much :)
Picnik collage
I am going to do some for painting and baking and fishing...
And thanks to allison our jars are getting fuller and fuller!!
we just did all poms in our jars that were different colors
I wish that I would have done a ponytail jar!  That is going to be my next one I think.  They love the thumbs up and have really been eating better.
I love how Allison took rewarding and encouraging kids to a new level.  Instead of saying "no" and being  discouraging and naggy, we are focusing on the positive things they are doing.  I can be so discouraging sometimes as a mom and can just focus on the negative.  I love being able to encourage and teach them in such a fun and uplifting way.
Thanks al!!


Lifethrualinds said...

Love the scavenger hunt idea! So cute. When we get to the reading/rhyming phase we def need to do this!

Josh, Erica, Garrett, and Haylee said...

So I have been doing the jar thing and it is AMAZING!!!! When it use to take 45 minutes of saying, eat, don't get up, stop playing, go back and eat, hurry up.......now it takes 10 minutes with the plate in the sink and a marble in the jar!! Allison you are AMAZING!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the jars!!!!

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