impromptu dollhouse makeover

For Ella's 3rd birthday our friend Celeste gave her this really cool dollhouse that was raw wood. Ella loves it! Yesterday morning it was the first thing she started playing with. I had just put Kenna down for her morning nap so I thought it would be fun to get out some non-Kenna friendly paint and spice up Ella's dollhouse. 
We got all the paint set up in mini cupcake holders and began the dollhouse makeover!
This was so fun to do with Ella and I loved seeing a little bit of her decor style. She loves stripes and polka dots just like her mama and a heart is the perfect finishing touch for her. She changed her mind on color a million times so there are many many layers of paint on the dollhouse:) 
During McKenna's second nap and after a ballerina outfit change for Ella, we decided to makeover the inside of the dollhouse.
We used some scrapbook paper and modge podge to cover the floors and wall.
Once the wallpaper was up and dry it still needed a little something. I thought it would be fun to frame photos and glue them to the wall but who has printed photos laying around these days?! So we flipped through an In Style magazine looking for people to frame. 
Ella is very good at remembering little details and recognizing her favorite tv stars. She was cracking me up as we looked though the magazine. One of the first pages we got to was a makeup ad with one of my favs Ellen Degeneres. Ella pointed to her and said "thats your favorite show mom." I do love to watch her show so we cut Ellen out to go in the dollhouse. The next person Ella recognized was Vanessa Hudgens or High School Musical as Ella calls her. Then she spotted Jennifer Aniston and got very excited. "Look mom it's Friends!" This is Brittany's favorite tv show so Ella has definitely seen a few episodes of Friends and who doesn't fall in love with Rachel after one episode?! Our last framed pic was the wonderful and talented Beyonce. Ella refers to her as "oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh." (single ladies is Ella's fav dance song)
So there you have it, Ella's extreme dollhouse makeover!


Misty said...

I think if we lived close to each other my Masyn and your sweet Ella would be great friends. I haven't been able to get M to watch anything other than HSM & "if you liked it shoulda' putta' ring on it" as M says is her FAVORITE song ever. What a cute doll house! LOVE it... as usual!

jojo said...

That is so cute!! What a fun project to do together! You are such a creative mom!!

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