back to school time!

Ella's school started a week behind Aves, Ben and Sassy so today was her first day!
I made english muffin breakfast pizza this morning thinking Ella would be thrilled but she actually didn't even take a bite. So hers just sat in front of her as she watched her morning ritual of Saved by the Bell and I ate the other 3! Sometimes she is not a big breakfast eater.
When we had meet the teacher last week Ella's teacher mentioned how she was a very clean, no germ kind of teacher. (great quality in a pre-k teacher if you ask me) There isn't a sink in the classroom so she talked about how she was going to be using hand sanitizer a lot. So when I saw this idea on pinterest I thought it would be absolutely perfect for Ella to give her teacher today. I bought a giant bottle of hand sanitizer, peeled the labels off, used WD40 to get the sticky mess off and then used my silhouette to cute out the apple and name. I used adhesive vinyl for this and it was so easy. 
And of course this is the best picture I got of Ella this morning. 
After we dropped big sister off, Kenna and I strolled around Target for a while. 
We can't wait to pick Ella up and hear all about her first day!


Lifethrualinds said...

Happy first day of school Ella! Ya'll are so cute!

Anna said...

awh let me know how it went! Can't wait to see you!

jojo said...

What a perfect gift for Ella to give her and it is so cute!! Once again your creativity shines through!! Ella looks so cute!!

Mostly Food and Crafts said...

Im glad you liked my sanitizer. I was checking my stats and noticed I had some views from your page. I appreciate the link back. Your daighter is precious!

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