A Few Gifts

Sometimes we give great gifts, and sometimes we do gift cards (gift cards are our favorites). Sometimes we don't even do gifts.  So, sometimes we are your favorite friends and sometimes you may wonder why we are off the ball.  
Since Aly was turning 30 we wanted to do something to let her know how much we love her and are so thankful that she is the first one to step into our new age bracket :)
She is the most amazing sister in law to allison and such an incredible friend to me for so many years.  We would definitely not be the same moms, friends or people without her!! Thanks for always being so inspiring, encouraging and always pushing yourself further than you thought possible.  You are truly such a light and you teach people how to better themselves, just by watching you always want to be better.  Even though you are perfect just the way you are.
You are always striving to be a better mom, wife, friend, cook, be healthier, stronger, kinder and love God more and more.  It is truly such a blessing.  And you make everything in your life look like a blast and an effortless and joyful time.  You are contagious.
Happy 30th.
She is doing cross fit and looks AMAZING.
Just amazing. SO we got her some lulu lemon workout gear and a smoothie king gift card (so she can refuel after her hard workouts).  We wanted a little something more that was personal and my friend Julie came up with the best idea.  
We made her 30 water bottles with homemade personalized labels that told her different things we love about her and different memories we have with her.
Then I made a blanket for lindsay's baby shower that she is so sweet about.
It is not my favorite color scheme ( I know what you are thinking, didn't you make it?? Aren't you the one who created that color scheme, kristen?  YES.  I did.  They looked so good before I made it...anyway, Lindsay was so amazing about it and that is what matters).
Kristen's crocheted blanket
We can't wait for baby Ty!!! And Happy Birthday Aly!! We love you SO SO MUCH!! You make 30 look beautiful!!!

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Morgan Bender said...

love you Aly! And you do look great! All of you do, lindsey I had to do some counting cause it looked like you weren't even pregnant in that picture, ugh my dream. Y'all are adorable, miss you all!

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