mini boden

so my mom just sent the kids some clothes that she ordered from mini boden (thanks mom!!) and they are soooo cute! we are big old navy people, so its fun to spice it up a little. and mini boden is super cute.
the kids immediately swooned over their new clothes, stripped down (like they do 800 times a day) and put on their new swim swoops (as aves used to call them).
mini boden
i quickly noticed bens. speedo shorts. yup, my mom got the kid speedo shorts.
they are hilarious. i mean, hil-ari-ous. he looks like an 80 year old man with his receding hair line and big belly that falls over his skinny legs. i could not stop laughing. if mini boden wants a mini 80 year old model, we have their man.
hope everyone has a great weekend and maybe has time to slip into their swim swoops.


headbands for africa

my mom works for a foundation that helps people all over the world. she is going to africa on friday to work with young girls there who used to have to do all kinds of things for money, but through her foundation's program, they have jobs that help them earn money, know the Lord and be apart of a Godly community together. My mom is someone who's life goal is help others and she does that with literally everyone she meets. to know my mom is to love her-from the lady at target to the women in africa. she has a gift of making people feel like they are the most valuable person in the world and that she loves them, even if she just met them.
When she goes to Africa this week I know she will love on these women and the staff that helps them and i am so excited to hear about her whole trip.
The girls are graduating soon from their foundation's program and so al and i decided to make them so headbands to celebrate.
they are not the most exciting or well made....but hopefully its the thought that counts!!
allison bought this gorgeous ribbon/fabric and i just used rubber bands and wrapped the ribbon around the rubber band and then glued it together on the back. i went back over the glue with a couple of rows of stitching and it was so easy.
al used this tutorial from ruffles and stuff. I wish we had a pic of everyone of them because we made like 80. it was so much fun and i hope that they like them.
Picnik collage
Picnik collage


we heart mason!!

today ashley had mason hadley hicks!! and he is so amazingly cute, its unreal. and she looked so gorgeous after giving birth. it was just the best day. i am one of those annoying people who walks into the baby section of the hospital and tears immediately come to my eyes and i remember when my twins were born and then i want another baby and all that jazz. and jeff rolls his eyes at me and silently prays that i never really ask for another baby....but i probably will...but, today i am just so excited for gage and ashley that i cant stand it!! i know they are going to be the best parents and i just wish that i was going to be able to squeeze that cute baby everyday!
so, of course, i had to make shirts for us to wear to the hospital. i got the idea from MADE (of course) and used stencil paper for the heart.
i heart mason
aves was mad because ella was over and she didnt want ella to leave...gotta love that face.
and here is the little man himself. too cute for words. and brand spankin new. love it.
happy birthday mason! we love you!!


cake and a new hiding place

there is obviously nothing very enticing about what this cake looks like...
but it is amazing!! as you can see ben really enjoyed it...
more cake
i used MADE's recipe and it was just fantastic. she had a cool way of incorporating more icing and i loved her idea so i just copied it all. she makes it look way more edible!! i highly recommend it!!
after everyone was on a sugar high and had a bath, they found a new hiding place!! they were hilarious and loved playing inside the armour. its amazing how much personality they stuffed into such a small cabinet...


rainbow cake

Everyone has probably seen a rainbow cake before, it has been all over the blog world for some time now. I first saw it on this blog a couple years ago.
Picnik collage
The first time I made a rainbow cake was for Ella's 1st birthday.
Picnik collage
I made one tonight for a friends birthday cake and forgot how fun it was. It's such a fun twist to the ordinary white cake:)
This is what went on as I cooked tonight...whatever works, right?
Picnik collage
Yes this is Dignan's water bowl that Ella is drinking from but please know that it had just come from the dishwasher and was full of fresh water:)
This picture is sure to stress my dad out! Growing up my dad had one very strict rule on road trips. No nerds candy in the car. A few of them would always seem to miss my mouth and end up on his floorboard, drove him crazy! Tonight I knew what it felt like to be in my dad's shoes. I have sweep my kitchen floor twice and still get a nerd stuck to my foot when I go get something from the fridge. Sorry that it took me this long to appreciate your rule dad, I now fully understand.


Noah's ark party invitations

after scouring the internet for an invitation for the twins party i decided to make them. i couldnt really find anything i loved. i was going to cut out the ark and i found these amazing elephant hole punches from martha that are amazing. but i dont think i can cut out that well...so i decided to use powerpoint.
i dont really love how they turned out, but since i am kinda a first timer with the invitations, i feel like they will be great.
nothing too exciting.
Picture 1


we are tylerites!

or tylerans-i dont know how you would say it but, we bought a house in tyler!! woo-hoo!! we are so excited. we only really had one weekend to do it so we say like 8 houses in one day and then picked our fav, made an offer that they took, hired the inspector to come and headed home as home owners! so much fun. our house has not sold yet....so that makes me kinda anxious as we all know, but we might have a few things up our sleeve. might is a strong word. but hopefully they will work out. so thats why i have been MIA. so busy i have barely turned on a computer!!
anyway, here is the house in all its glory. we are gonna do some painting and prob add a lot of white (youve seen my mother in law, i am kinda on her same page with whites and lighter colors. not quite as white, but no one can love white as much as her!)
new house
these azaleas are across the street!! and everywhere in tyler! they are gorgeous. and i love the phone booths in old houses.
and jeff has big ideas for our attic. we will let you know how that goes.
Picnik collage
so we are pretty stoked. and that is the before. cant wait to move in and we will show you the after. but then we have to move...


camp favors

They call themselves the "Magnificent Five."
Every hunting season my dad and his four friends go to the deer lease for the weekend. They go to hunt but pretty sure thats not the main agenda since they have only gotten 3 deer in the last 31 years! They bring camp favors for each other which I just love! It's been things like, burned cds, raccoon hats, camo snuggies, ya know...silly guy stuff.
Well they are going this weekend and I decided to send the "magnificent five" camp favors that I made for them. If anybody missed the blonde joke my dad pulled then read here.
He has now gone back to his roots and is brown headed again. Yay Dad!
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
I screen printed "Life is better Blonde" on the front of the shirts and ironed on a picture of my dad with his blonde hair on the back. I hope all the guys enjoy the camp favor.
Happy hunting guys! I hope these shirts help attract the deers.


granny's chair

I wish I had a better picture of this chair.
Picnik collage
I know there is a picture of each grandchild in this chair, it has been around for years and years. This chair has been at Granny's house as long as I can remember. It's a little wooden antiqued turquoise chair that has somehow managed to stay in one piece through 8 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren over the past 39 years. Everybody loves "granny's chair."

Yesterday we took a day trip to Odessa to visit my Granny and my favorite moment of the day revolved around "granny's chair" with Ella and her cousins Laney and Jake. It was hilarious! I got some pics of how the whole things went down...
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
When it was all said and done, Jake walked away from the girls to start his own rock band and Ella found peace with the pedestal seat next to Laney where they continued to enjoy there graham crackers and milk together:)
It was such a wonderful Saturday spent with family.


round here...

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, it's been kinda crazy round here.
Picnik collage
When we pulled into our driveway last Saturday night we had no idea of the surprise that was waiting behind the garage doors. Water. Lots and lots of water. A pipe in our hot water heater busted and water was everywhere! The garage, utility room and dining room had water all over the floor. It was a mess!
Picnik collage
So our week has been filled with plumbers, carpet tech guys, no hot water and very loud fans blowing 24/7! They drilled holes in the walls to help get the water out and we are still in the process of getting everything dried out. Hopefully everything will be back to normal by Monday.
Picnik collage
My favorite thing about this picture is Sawyer on the far left side. Ella is going in for a kiss with Ben and Sawyer is puckering up for one too. We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


happy birthday pop-pa!

You will never guess who turns the big 6-oh today!
My Dad!
He is the most amazing man and I am so blessed to have him as my dad and Ella's Pop-pa. Talk about an all around perfect man! He has a calm and quiet presence about him but still stands out in a crowd. He is solid as a rock when it comes to loyalty, family, and golf. He never thinks twice about doing things for others before himself. I think the world of my dad and love him so much. He has a great sense of humor, but it wasn't until his surprise 60th birthday party last Friday when I saw just how funny he is!
Picnik collage
My dad has fantastic hair. It's thick and natural brown with not a gray hair on his head. People always think he dyes his hair because it looks so great.
Well...my dad decided that since he was turning 60 he would dye his hair gray! (so he thought) This was a little secret he kept to himself. Little did he know that we also had a secret we were keeping to ourselves. We were helping plan a surprise birthday party for my dad last Friday. He just so happened to plan his surprise hair appointment an hour before his surprise party. The two secrets came out at the same time and it was classic. Maybe one of my favorite moments.
My dad gets his hair dyed as a joke and thinks he is just going to a birthday dinner with 5 close couple friends. Instead he walks into a room with 80 of his dearest friends that came to celebrate his 60th birthday! I don't know who was more surprised, my dad or the party guests! I am still shocked by what my dad looks like with his new hair color and it just cracks me up! He went to Sally's Beauty Supply all by himself and bought a silver dye color. Somehow his hair turned more of a blonde than silver. He looks like a mix between Ken Barbie, Ted Danson, and George Jones! Oh dad...
Picnik collage
Ella's reaction was priceless. She couldn't stop rubbing his hair!
Anna and I still don't know what to think about it?! My moms reaction...lets just say she wasn't exactly thrilled about his new look:)
Happy Birthday to the craziest 60 year old man I know! I love you dad!


fort worth zoo

Last week Lindsay, Aly and me took all the kids to the Fort Worth Zoo and it was so fun! Beautiful weather and matching dresses made for a perfect day at the zoo.
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Ella and me had so much fun being in Colleyville all last week. Besides catching that dang stomach bug thats going around, it was so great getting to spend time with family and friends. Kinley's 1st birthday party was a blast and for those of you that missed it you should totally check it out here!
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