we really love ice cream

after the program we went to rosas and sheridans and it was so fantastic...check out the before and after of sass (she is derek zoolander doing her "blue steel" pose in the before shot)...

sugar and spice

we love sugar and spice preschool!! its a little preschool connected to monterey church of christ on monterey and 82nd and aves has just loved getting to be a part of it. her teacher was miss casey and she rocked my world! she was so sweet to aves, let me drop her off with both babies in tow (about an hour late everytime) and always said aves was good (even though that is definitely up for discussion). she was an angel.
this thursday was aves last day of school and they had a program that night that was tooooo cute. aves sang "oh where oh where has my little dog gone" and the whole time she kept looking at her paper dog she was holding and thinking "its right here guys..." (she didnt sing much...) al, her mom (jo was in town and kept my twins the whole day, played with aves after school and came to the program!! she is so sweet! we were so glad she was here!!), ella, cel, jeff and the twins attempted to watch it while also eating dots, playing on the floor and trying to keep quiet. it was so much fun. we are so thankful for that little school and such great friends.


peace o' cake

there is this fantastic little cupcake place on 34th where they have different kinds of cupcakes everyday! it is owned and operated by three friends from lubbock who just wanted to start a business and love cupcakes!! they make as many as they can in the morning and stay open until they run out (which is sometimes pretty fast so you have to hurry!) we got carrot, blueberry, pink lemonade and chocolate mint.  i forgot to take pics until after i had tried all of them...kind of messy pics but they were so great.


dora, meet elmo

Since Ella was basically newborn she has had a love for Dora the Explorer.  I think it all started with Avery.  If Aves was ever watching tv it was most likely Dora.  I guess Ella always hearing it on the tv is what made her a fan from day one.  Don't get me wrong, I love Dora and Boots but I have been ready for something new that Ella enjoys watching.  I started to tivo different shows like Barney, Oliva, Backyardigns, Care Bears, and Sesame Street.  Well.....it worked!  She loves Sesame Street!  Maybe even more than Dora!  She gets so excited when it comes on and she trys to be like cookies monster when he eats his cookies, it is very cute to see.  
Anyways all this to say, we went to Toys R Us to get Ella a forward facing car seat and she spotted the "Elmo Live."  I pulled it off the shelf to show her that he talks (never intending to buy the over priced Elmo) and her reaction was priceless!  She couldn't stop laughing at him and it just melted my heart!  I had to get it for her.  It was a moment of weakness and Ella isn't even to the stage where she can talk and beg me for a new toy yet, ha!  Here are some pics of Ella and her new friend Elmo. 


buffalo springs lake

we went fishing today at buffalo springs lake (about 2o mi outside of lubbock) and it was so so fun.  didn't catch anything but had a few bites.  aves loved it.  and who knew lubbock was so pretty?

backyard splash

aves and her dad played in the "pool" in the backyard...and sass got left inside...


cake eater

sassy had a trial run of cake to make sure she would like it at her partaaay.  turns out it went over pretty well...

not my day...

does any one know how to get this out of kids' hair?????  aves decided her entire hair and body were wayyyyy too dry...


one outfit at a time

while ella was breaking stride I was trying to really figure out how to hem...the second dress has a way better hem but it could possibly fit a 12 year old...have to figure out my sizing...so here is my late night project and then today i worked on a jumpsuit for aves...not my fav materials together but kind of all i had...not my fav style, just kind of made it up as i went...but the hemming is better...

ella's new stride

A few weeks ago Ella started taking one or two steps every now and then.  In the last few days she has really started getting the whole walking thing down.  I don't know if I would qualify her as a "walker" but she is well on her way for sure!


first dress

so aly sent us this fantastic blog where this fantasticly cute family lives in brooklyn.  the mom is so cute and she does lots of fun stuff and makes, like, all their clothes. she is kind of my new girl crush.  so i copied her flowery design and made aves a dress.  not really to be worn while doing anything that involves moving of any kind (due to the fact that its hanging by my sewing...) but super fun to make.  hopefully i will get a lot better.  (it looks like there is something on it but its just the light reflecting off my lens...)

happy mothers day!

how cute is this little "picture bouquet" that jeff made for me to display my polaroids!  love it. thanks jeff.



on warm summer days we love cool off with some ice cream from sheridans.  
al and i love the grasshopper (celeste gets it with brownies too), 
jeff and bob love the buckaroo, 
ashley loves butter pecan 
and the babies get puppy cones (free with another order).  
its a great way to spend a summer night in lubbock.


the real deal

we love them!! fun and sassy designs made them for us and they are so easy to work with!  they let me come up with all the ideas and did everything i wanted!! we love them!! (but this is the first proof and actually there is no butterfly around ben's "1" and its actually a B instead of a 1.) 

bday invitations

here are a few of the practice shots that we took for the bday invitation...

rehearsal dinner (a&a)

here are a few pics of the pre party....just for fun.
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