sugar and spice

we love sugar and spice preschool!! its a little preschool connected to monterey church of christ on monterey and 82nd and aves has just loved getting to be a part of it. her teacher was miss casey and she rocked my world! she was so sweet to aves, let me drop her off with both babies in tow (about an hour late everytime) and always said aves was good (even though that is definitely up for discussion). she was an angel.
this thursday was aves last day of school and they had a program that night that was tooooo cute. aves sang "oh where oh where has my little dog gone" and the whole time she kept looking at her paper dog she was holding and thinking "its right here guys..." (she didnt sing much...) al, her mom (jo was in town and kept my twins the whole day, played with aves after school and came to the program!! she is so sweet! we were so glad she was here!!), ella, cel, jeff and the twins attempted to watch it while also eating dots, playing on the floor and trying to keep quiet. it was so much fun. we are so thankful for that little school and such great friends.

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Anonymous said...

What a cute blog!!! I typed in sugar and spice to get their info and your blog came up in the search. I have enjoyed reading about your families. I am a PA here in town and a SINGLE MOM. Yikes. But you have given me some ideas and inspiration. BTW, I am looking for a medical school husband if you have any in mind. JK!
Sarah McClendon

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