They "stick together" (twins 5 year old bday)

yall.  I dont even know where to start.  This post is so outdated its laughable.  SO much has happened since these pics that I cant even wrap my brain around it. But I want to go in order, so get ready for some old old posts coming atcha.  This ended up being the most relaxing and most non party party we have ever had.  There was hardly any planning, tons of friends were out of town on summer vacation and there were really no decorations. Oh, and avery had a fever that she had had for like 4 days and she had to miss her last days of school.  It was just so sad. So, I called everyone and told them that the party would go on bc it was our last weekend in town, but that aves was sick and they did not have to risk it.  The brave ones came out and risked their lives.  And we could not be more thankful for them.  And, despite the roadblocks, we all loved it.  We just hung out, let the kids eat more popsicles then anyone thought possible and rented a waterslide for them to go down over and over.  
happy bday sign
Allison made her mini apples on a stick, we had fruit kabobs, suckers, dum dums, blow pops, rice krispie treats that julie shaped into popsicles and tons of every kind of popsicle imaginable.
side view of table
oh and some glasses, lips and mustaches on a stick too.  (I regret that there were not corn dogs so bad, but I didn't shower until the party started so I was a little behind.  I should have rethought my priorities. Moral of the story, there should have been corn dogs.  Corn dogs over showering next time.)
popsicle garland
popsicle garland2
popsicle garland3
I made this popsicle garland by cutting out popsicle shapes and then glueing them to sticks and then glueing those to fishing wire.  I had so many left over that I put them all over the freezer that we pulled out from our garage, too.
ice box2
booths and dreiss's
sassy and ella sharing a popsicle
lily rocking
ella and aves with glasses
ella, avery, mckenna
oh, and there were giant pixie sticks.  And kenna LOVED them.  She kept having to get more because they would get clogged.  So, she always had a new flavor.  By the end of the party she had a pretty nice stash of half eaten pixie sticks.  Smart girl.
al and julie
lily and kenna
allison, mckenna, sassy
hanging out
mckenna with the hose
girls at bottom of the slide
ben and ella
ella squirting
katelyn and the giant balloon
brooke, me and mary
ben and katelyn2
ben and katelyn3
al, kenna and ben
bug zapping
They got some pretty great presents at the party and ben was careful to make sure that they were used immediately.
As the party started wrapping up, the kids got out their scooters and started scooting around hilltop.
kenna scootin
Avery's scooter makes a little bit of a flame when the brake is on and when the dads and uncles discovered that, they jumped on it one pretty fast.  You could see the wheels turning in their brains. There was gas brought out from the garage and a little experiment quickly ensued.
fire on the street
Luckily, everyone came out unsingged.
And it wouldnt be a party if julie and her crew didnt stay the night.  We wound down with more pool fun and then they stayed and packed me up the entire weekend.  It was full of manual labor for everyone within a 100 yards of us.  My poor neighbor allie never got to sit down and enjoy her weekend bc she was also always packing a box and hauling it to the trailer.  Could not have moved without the incredible help we got this weekend and the week to follow.  So, thank yall so much for coming and celebrating and for braving the sick.  We are so thankful for our last party on hilltop and for the incredible memories it already brings.
And happy birthday to my favorite twins in the world.  Could not love you guys more!


Barbie's Moving Tour

Ella loves Barbie dolls. I already need to make her Barbie organizer bigger. She spends hours changing their clothes and fixing their hair. I love just watching her and seeing all the creative things she does with them. 
Last week my blog friend Misty shared a website with me that she thought my girls would love. I had never heard of it and was so glad she told me about it! Barbieismoving.com So Barbie is on a road trip across North America trying to find her new dream home. She visits 13 different cities and Dallas just so happened to be one. The girls and I were already at my parents house last week so we decided to go see what Barbie's moving tour was all about.
It was cute and the girls had fun. Ella was hoping that Barbie herself would be there but it was just a lot of cardboard Barbies. 
We stood in line longer than the actual tour but the girls didn't seem to mind. They got to dress up in tutus, boas, and sunglasses before walking the Barbie runway.
After the runway you got to design your own Barbie dress.
We ended the tour with a little face painting.
Before heading back home we got to eat lunch with Lindsay, Kinley and Ty. It was so fun seeing them! McKenna and Ty just giggled and smiled together while Ella and Kinley sang and danced to Taylor Swift. So fun!


Anna Graduates (again!)

Anna has already graduated from Cosmology School but went back to Instructor School so she could teach as well. She graduated from that last week and we loved getting to be there for it. When they called Anna's name everyone clapped and we all cheered extra loud. Right after the crowd got quiet, Ella yells "GO ANNA!" It was so sweet and got lots of awes and laughs. 
Y'all see this really LONG big black curtain behind us? It was set up in the lobby area and is where the graduates stayed before going in the main room. Well, towards the end of the 2 hour graduation McKenna was getting a little wiggly so I took the girls in the lobby to run around. McKenna decides to run through the curtains while grabbing a hold of one. The whole thing comes down! I ran to try and get up under it and so did a few other families in the lobby. I had to put one part back together that completely came undone. Classic Kenna move.
Happy Graduation Anna! Now not only can you cut my hair but you can teach me a few things too! Way to be a CUT above Anna. (bahahaha!)
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