Field Day and Aves's last day of school

Avery's field day was hysterical.  The kids in their matching hot pink shirts, the games played all over and the massive amounts of sno cones consumed was just everything I had dreamt of.  The twins got to go, too and they had a blast.
Avery has a little girl in her class that has had some medical set backs and has to ride in a wheelchair.  Avery's class happily pushes her, helps her, loves on her and encourages her on a constant basis.  They all want to be the one who helps and it is just the sweetest thing I have ever seen.  They are like that to all of their class members, too.  I am just so so thankful for this year and the friends avery has made.
Unfortunately, after field day, avery got pretty sick and had to miss the last days of school.  She got a constant high fever and some threw up off and on.  It just broke my heart that she had to miss seeing her friends for some of the last time.
She was still a little down for the count for the twins bday and ended up going to the ER that night for such a high fever, but we got it under control and she came back to life a few days later.
Thank you to all of her amazing school and her sweet friends that have changed our lives this year.  We had so much fun getting to know everyone at her amazing school and could not be more sad to be leaving!

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