Memorial Day

First off, just want to say a very late thank you to all of the men and women who have served this country.  We are so thankful for the chance to honor and remember them on memorial day.  
And secondly, this is the latest post in the world.  It has been crazy over here.  whew.  So we are going to go back in the iphoto archives to bring you this exciting post.  (not really exciting, but I just want it documented so I dont forget).
We all went to my in laws lakehouse for the weekend and jeff's sister and family got to come down from colorado to join us.  It was just so much fun and we loved every minute with them.
halie sass and aves on boat
We fished, swam, tubed, cooked, napped, ran, and lived it up on the water. Such a fun weekend.
sass caught a fish
kristen halie and austin
halie and aves on tube
kristen and halie
ben and austin
We celebrated a few bdays while we were there and ate way too much delicious cake.
nana lighting candles
eating cake
family pic at lake
On sat night, my parents had tickets to the taylor swift concert that they graciously shared with avery and her friends (and mine!) and we sang our hearts out at the Red tour.  Loved our lives.  Those five- seven year old girls could not contain their excitement and we have since listened to nothing besides tswift.
Overall, it was just amazing weekend.
I will see if I can get something current up here soon...

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Misty said...

so fun!! I'm taking Masyn in August. She is a swiftie! You have to look at AK's 2nd birthday post on my blog... Masyn made me put up Taylor by the dance floor & then read the hysterical story about her great grandmas shirt & Tswift. Still makes me laugh! Also, have you seen the parody to 22? It's on youtube & called 32. I have been needing to go to the dentist for.ev.er. & am just ridiculous because I am terrified, but I am going on the 28th :/ anyway, I'm not 32 yet, but I laughed SO HARD when she sings, "finally found a dentist" you'll just have to watch it... it's probably not as funny just reading it in a comment :)

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