Ella has been going to speech therapy for a couple months now and I am so impressed with her improvement. We had her tested over a year ago because we could tell she was behind on her speech and very difficult for others to understand her. Her results were on the low side of average. This was about a month before her tonsil and adenoid surgery so we all decided to see if her speech improved after that. After her tonsils and adenoids were removed she still seemed to be a little behind everyone in her class and I could tell it was holding her back. She knew she couldn't say sounds like everyone else so she just didn't say them at all. Sometimes she would tell me she couldn't answer because she couldn't say it right. We went back to speech and after another evaluation, it showed that she was much more behind than the first evaluation a year before. Since the middle of April we have been going to speech therapy once a week.
I am not in the room with Ella during speech but McKenna and I sit in a very tiny observation room so we can watch. So far it has been going great but I might have to pull a few new tricks out of my purse to keep McKenna occupied. The games that Ella plays in speech are so fun and creative. She enjoys going so much. One of Ella's main issues is where she puts her tongue. When she makes the S sound she sticks her tongue out. She is being taught to hide her tongue behind her teeth when she says anything with the S sound. They play a game called Silly Soup to help practice hiding her tongue. It is cards with different pictures of all things that start with S. You take turns turning cards over and saying the word. You then put it in a pretend soup bowl. We decided to recreate our own game of Silly Soup at home. Of course we added the word Sparkle to our Silly Soup. 
We took plastic kid bowls and painted them with mod podge. Then we covered them with glitter. Once it dried we repeated the process one more time and then sealed it with just mod podge. 
I made all the game pieces using images from my silhouette. 
Ella doesn't always want lessons from teacher mom so this game has been so great for us.


Josh, Erica, Garrett, and Haylee said...

I had the same issues when I was little...with the S as well. My parents said after a couple of months of speech therapy they couldn't even tell I had was behind or was having trouble!! Good luck!!

Misty said...

so sweet & <3 how you make it so fun!

Misty said...

so sweet & <3 how you make it so fun!

Anonymous said...

Great idea! My son is the same age as Ella. Actually, they have the same birthday too:) He is behind in speech & has been going for over a year now. His problems are producing /k/ & /g/. His name is Connor & he says Tonnor. I feel bad for him when people don't understand his name. I can tell he gets frustrated. I need to come up with something like this to practice & make it fun for us at home. Love following your blog, creative ideas & cute families!!

jojo said...

You are the best mom and always make the most of every situation!! Love this!

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