Anna Graduates (again!)

Anna has already graduated from Cosmology School but went back to Instructor School so she could teach as well. She graduated from that last week and we loved getting to be there for it. When they called Anna's name everyone clapped and we all cheered extra loud. Right after the crowd got quiet, Ella yells "GO ANNA!" It was so sweet and got lots of awes and laughs. 
Y'all see this really LONG big black curtain behind us? It was set up in the lobby area and is where the graduates stayed before going in the main room. Well, towards the end of the 2 hour graduation McKenna was getting a little wiggly so I took the girls in the lobby to run around. McKenna decides to run through the curtains while grabbing a hold of one. The whole thing comes down! I ran to try and get up under it and so did a few other families in the lobby. I had to put one part back together that completely came undone. Classic Kenna move.
Happy Graduation Anna! Now not only can you cut my hair but you can teach me a few things too! Way to be a CUT above Anna. (bahahaha!)


jojo said...

Such a fun night and so proud of Anna!!

Melissa said...

you crack me up! i was always the kid that's like a bull in a china shop... knocking everything over and causing a mess!

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