Popsicle Stick Puzzles

Ben and Sassy had THE cutest birthday party last weekend. The theme was "we stick together." You know, cause their twins? How cute is that?! Kristen had so many cute details that she will share with y'all soon! (once she gets internet hooked up in her NEW HOUSE!)
I stuck with the stick them for their gifts and made some popsicle stick puzzles. I bought some colored and jumbo popsicle sticks from hobby lobby. I printed off three different pictures that I personalized with my silhouette. I put some packing tape over the top of each picture just to protect it a little bit. 
Once I figured out how many sticks long the picture was I taped them together from the back.
I painted the back of each picture with a layer of mod podge and then stuck it on the sticks. Once they were dry I peeled the tape off the back.
I then took an x-acto knife and cut between each popsicle stick.
McKenna found a new love at the party.
She was cracking me up with the pixy stixs. Every time I looked up she was throwing back another one. She would clog them up so fast with her spit so she would just keep getting more and then checking out which ones weren't clogged. 
Love that kid.

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Teresa Halminton said...

What a creative and easy idea! Thank you for sharing!

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