Last Day of School

The twins last day of school was a few weeks ago.  We could not wait to even half way start summer but it was definitely a bitter sweet day knowing we would never go back to their school.  We have absolutely loved their school here and I wish so badly that they could go to kindergarten there.  The teachers have been amazing and the director is awesome.  We have treasured our time here so much.
and avery got a little excited for the pictures...
silly faces
blurry silly faces
(blurry.  I KNOW.  I have got to figure that out.)
group hug
sassy head in averys hands
I mean, what?
We totally copied allisons brilliant teacher gift.  It is just the coolest thing ever.
teacher gifts
We did both "Brown Bear Brown Bear" and "From Head to Toe" by Eric Carle.  The head to toe book has individual spaces for kids faces and that was fun to divide up and give kids a page.  It also shows the kids that they "can do it".  We are so thankful for the teachers who showed my kids that they have strengths they didnt even know about- and always encourage them to try.  That idea that they can do anything they put their mind to.  I really liked the idea behind it.
 Overall, mine was a little ghetto, and head sizes werent always right on track, but we were excited to give it to them.
Since their summer started we have been filling our days with popsicles
and partying.
More on that partying later.

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