Just some things I don't want to forget

These really arent all that lately, but I just dont want to forget some of these little (and big) moments.  We pulled out the roller blades and everyone in the neighborhood joined us.  It was so much fun even if we didnt really even move.  We celebrated our friend mandi's bday and the resident kids ran around holding hands the entire night.  It was magical.  We all stayed out and talked and laughed outside.  It was just so nice being together before we move.  I am going to miss them so much.  We also went to the carnival in the mall parking lot and it was a blast.  And Avery had her dance recital and my brother Michael and my parents and in laws came to see her.  It was so much fun watching her and I think she loved it.  I am going to miss so much about this place.  Oh, and ben found a gecko that was practically on his last leg, but ben could put him on his shoulder and that was a thrill.
We are off to see the Avett Brother concert this weekend with friends and I am just so excited.  I love just love them.
Hope yall have a great weekend!


Shop at Home

We are so excited to be featured on the website Shopathome.com
We got to talk a little about ourselves and it was just crazy that they wanted to hear about us.  Anyway- go check us out.  Its a great site with tons of coupons and different ways to, you guessed it, shop at home.


Hilltop Camps

This was quite a few weeks ago, but I just want to always remember our amazing neighbors and how much fun we have with them.  They are always up for anything-anytime and always excited for each other when we have good news.  They are just amazing people and I will miss them so much.
We went to Beavers Bend again this year, as I hope we will do every year from now on, and it did not disappoint.  It is just a gorgeous place with tons to do and we love going up there.  It is also pretty close and we love being able to be there in a couple of hours.
allie, sassy and felipe
sassy boo and mom
sass and boo
Mary and Ryan picked a place really close to a creek that kept the kids entertained for hours.  It was just a little creek that had some fallen trees and extra space, but it was heaven.
aves and sass
ben and eshen in the woods
diet coke girls
diet coke girls2
They also have a great playground and natural spring to swim in.  It is freeeezing, so I opted out, but everyone else swam.
kids on rock
blurry adults
and the auto focus on my camera doesnt work and I am having a hard time figuring out the manual :/  SO, no, its not time to get glasses, its the pictures.
jaden and sass
ben on dock
ben and eshen
walking home2
walking home
mazz and aves
sweet sass
sassy swinging
ben swinging
Here's to Hilltop Camps 2013!


Water Balloon Fun!

To celebrate the last day of school we had a family water balloon war. The girls loved it! 
We filled up 3 buckets of water balloons and left one inside for Bob. The girls were so excited for him to come home! 
Once we heard the garage door open we took cover behind the fort and attacked hard when he came out. I wish I could have gotten more pictures but between dodging balloons and running with McKenna in my arms, it wasn't the easiest. 
McKenna enjoyed getting ready for the water balloon war much better than the war itself. She is my kid that doesn't like any surprises. She always wants to know exactly whats coming, very fearful of the unknown. Not knowing when or how the water balloon would actually pop freaked her out so she never even wanted to hold one. She had a good time laughing at dad getting soaked though.
 I'm hoping McKenna warms up to the whole water outside deal this summer. She loves a bath, just not a pool. She loves a dry pool much better than a full one. Too bad Ella is the complete opposite. One would rather be swimming and the other sitting by the side eating cheetos. I don't blame ya McKenna, I too would rather chill out and eat chips. 
Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to summer!!!


Teacher Gifts

I do love a teacher gift. I spend way too much time over analyzing what to get them. I always want it to be special and something they will actually use. They do so much for my kids and I just appreciate teachers so much.
I decided to repeat the gift I made last year for Ella's teacher. It was so fun to make and seems to be a hit with the class and teacher. I take a Brown Bear Brown Bear book and put the children's faces on top of the ones in the book. I also but the teacher's face on the teacher page and change the wording to say the actual teachers name. I print all the pictures on sticker paper and then laminate the top of each one with packing tape. You really don't have to laminate them, I just think that it will hold up better that way. 
I also did the very popular pinterest teacher gift idea with the beach towel and magazine. Such a cute summer theme gift. I found these cute polka dot beach towels at Marshalls and then I heat pressed their name in the corner.
For the director and ADs, I gave them a Starbucks gift card. Kristen has recently introduced me to the wonderfulness of Chick-fil-a's chocolate chip cookies. They are amazing. So I put a cookie in these paper bags I found at hobby lobby and clipped the gift card on top. (Side note- if you ever do go get a cookie, make sure it is the plain chocolate chip ones. For some reason they gave me one with nuts yesterday and they were hard and not good.)
Happy end of the school year! Yay for summertime! 


Preschool Graduation

I can't believe my baby Ella is going to Kindergarten next year?! 
She had her Preschool graduation this morning and it was so cute!
They all walked in to The Graduation Song looking so grown up in their cap and gown. They sang a few songs on stage as a class and were then called up one by one to get their diploma.
 They were all asked what they wanted to be when they grew up. There were a few astronauts, vets, police officers, one artist, and then Ella. She proudly said into the microphone, "Hair Stylist." I loved it! It really does fit her perfectly. Aunt Anna is her role model. 
I love my Preschool Graduate so much!
Love you so much Ella Reese!


belated Mother's Day post

I feel like all my posts have been belated lately. 
Bob is on a not so fun rotation this month so he was on call for Mother's Day. Boo. 
The girls and I went to my parents for the weekend, bearing homemade gifts of course.
I put each grandmother and great grandmother's name on a canvas with vinyl. The girls painted them with water colors (Kristen's genius idea) and they looked so pretty.
The only bummer about the water colors is that it bled through the vinyl. I ended up just painting over it with white paint and it looked great.
No craft would be complete without some bedazzling.
We loved getting to see lots of family over the weekend and enjoyed lots of time outside.
Ella and Jo Jo love water fights.  9 times out of 10 my mom ends up in the pool.
Have you guys heard of the app Heads Up? It's fantastic and so much fun! What makes it even better is that Ellen created it! We had some good laughs and the girls even joined in the fun. Seriously, go buy the app. It's just the best.
One of my very favorite things about Mother's Day was an All About Mom note that Ella made for me at school. I just love it so much! So funny to see what a 5 year old thinks about you. They are all pretty close to being right too! She might have been off a few years on my age. Love that kid!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day too!
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