DIY Ombre Marquee Letters

mary letters lit up2 copy
We had a birthday party for my neighbor, Mary, this weekend and it was so much fun.  We had everyone dress in thrifted clothes and called it '35 and Thrifty' since she was turning 35 and always has the best thrifted finds.  She looked incredible in an old prom dress and allie, our host, rocked it in a mexican style jacket, since it was on cinco de mayo.  
For the party I wanted to bring some marquee lights and I decided to try to give them an ombre look.
First I made the letters out of foam board and poster board and poked holes for the lights.
white lights
Then, I bought spray paint that looked like they were similar colors and that they would give me an ombre affect.
spray paint
Then I started painting.  I did the red first, then the tangerine, and then the coral.  Then I went back and added some red to the tangerine and tangerine to the red and both to the coral to make them blend.  For the last letter, I just lightly sprayed it with the pink and added a little tangerine to it, but super light.
mary letters being painted
mary letters painted
Then I added the lights to test them out.
all lit up
and then they were party ready!
mary letters lit up
The party was a hit and the bday girl killed it.  Thanks hilltop for coming out and always making everything so much fun!

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