belated Mother's Day post

I feel like all my posts have been belated lately. 
Bob is on a not so fun rotation this month so he was on call for Mother's Day. Boo. 
The girls and I went to my parents for the weekend, bearing homemade gifts of course.
I put each grandmother and great grandmother's name on a canvas with vinyl. The girls painted them with water colors (Kristen's genius idea) and they looked so pretty.
The only bummer about the water colors is that it bled through the vinyl. I ended up just painting over it with white paint and it looked great.
No craft would be complete without some bedazzling.
We loved getting to see lots of family over the weekend and enjoyed lots of time outside.
Ella and Jo Jo love water fights.  9 times out of 10 my mom ends up in the pool.
Have you guys heard of the app Heads Up? It's fantastic and so much fun! What makes it even better is that Ellen created it! We had some good laughs and the girls even joined in the fun. Seriously, go buy the app. It's just the best.
One of my very favorite things about Mother's Day was an All About Mom note that Ella made for me at school. I just love it so much! So funny to see what a 5 year old thinks about you. They are all pretty close to being right too! She might have been off a few years on my age. Love that kid!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day too!


Misty said...

sweet fun family!!!!! I haven't heard of that app, but I am going to check it out :) Love the bedazzled canvases :) Happy Mother's Day to you & Kristen!

jojo said...

Loved everything about this Mothers Day!

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