Water Balloon Fun!

To celebrate the last day of school we had a family water balloon war. The girls loved it! 
We filled up 3 buckets of water balloons and left one inside for Bob. The girls were so excited for him to come home! 
Once we heard the garage door open we took cover behind the fort and attacked hard when he came out. I wish I could have gotten more pictures but between dodging balloons and running with McKenna in my arms, it wasn't the easiest. 
McKenna enjoyed getting ready for the water balloon war much better than the war itself. She is my kid that doesn't like any surprises. She always wants to know exactly whats coming, very fearful of the unknown. Not knowing when or how the water balloon would actually pop freaked her out so she never even wanted to hold one. She had a good time laughing at dad getting soaked though.
 I'm hoping McKenna warms up to the whole water outside deal this summer. She loves a bath, just not a pool. She loves a dry pool much better than a full one. Too bad Ella is the complete opposite. One would rather be swimming and the other sitting by the side eating cheetos. I don't blame ya McKenna, I too would rather chill out and eat chips. 
Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to summer!!!

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