Just some things I don't want to forget

These really arent all that lately, but I just dont want to forget some of these little (and big) moments.  We pulled out the roller blades and everyone in the neighborhood joined us.  It was so much fun even if we didnt really even move.  We celebrated our friend mandi's bday and the resident kids ran around holding hands the entire night.  It was magical.  We all stayed out and talked and laughed outside.  It was just so nice being together before we move.  I am going to miss them so much.  We also went to the carnival in the mall parking lot and it was a blast.  And Avery had her dance recital and my brother Michael and my parents and in laws came to see her.  It was so much fun watching her and I think she loved it.  I am going to miss so much about this place.  Oh, and ben found a gecko that was practically on his last leg, but ben could put him on his shoulder and that was a thrill.
We are off to see the Avett Brother concert this weekend with friends and I am just so excited.  I love just love them.
Hope yall have a great weekend!

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