Hilltop Camps

This was quite a few weeks ago, but I just want to always remember our amazing neighbors and how much fun we have with them.  They are always up for anything-anytime and always excited for each other when we have good news.  They are just amazing people and I will miss them so much.
We went to Beavers Bend again this year, as I hope we will do every year from now on, and it did not disappoint.  It is just a gorgeous place with tons to do and we love going up there.  It is also pretty close and we love being able to be there in a couple of hours.
allie, sassy and felipe
sassy boo and mom
sass and boo
Mary and Ryan picked a place really close to a creek that kept the kids entertained for hours.  It was just a little creek that had some fallen trees and extra space, but it was heaven.
aves and sass
ben and eshen in the woods
diet coke girls
diet coke girls2
They also have a great playground and natural spring to swim in.  It is freeeezing, so I opted out, but everyone else swam.
kids on rock
blurry adults
and the auto focus on my camera doesnt work and I am having a hard time figuring out the manual :/  SO, no, its not time to get glasses, its the pictures.
jaden and sass
ben on dock
ben and eshen
walking home2
walking home
mazz and aves
sweet sass
sassy swinging
ben swinging
Here's to Hilltop Camps 2013!

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Piia said...

beautiful ! Do u have instagram ?

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