We Stick Together Invites

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This year we are pretty low profile with the twins bday with moving and all.  They wanted suckers or popsicles and couldnt decide, so we just combined them.  Its kind of a party on a stick!  (I had so many fun ideas for the rhyme, but, you know... I tried to play down the stick references.  And everything that rhymes with stick...like lick, etc...  too many 'thats what she said' jokes in this party idea).
So, we will have kabobs and corndogs and popsicles and the twins are pumped.
And I just saw this fabulous DIY on Oh Happy Day after I made these.  She was pretty much reading my mind...


Misty said...

you need to win this http://thelarsonlingo.blogspot.com/2013/05/snack-brighter-this-summer-100-visa.html

and get some yummy fruit bars for their party too :)

that is such a CUTE theme!

jennifer said...

adorable!!! but are they really 5!?!?! how did this happen!?

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