miley cyrus stopped by last night...

so aves got a wig and a microphone from her grandparents and its the most hilarious sight i have ever seen.  she never wants to take it off and sings "the climb" so much that i think i may have to start wearing ear plugs.  luckily allison has taught her the dance moves to the "hoedown throwdown" and now she is trying to teach ella who is very enthusiastic but not quite ready for the steps...she's def givin' miley a run for her money...


first try at a tri

this weekend my in laws and sister and brother in law came in town to do the lubbock triathlon (whoo hoo!).  Paul, my brother in law did the half iron man (that takes, like, forever) and jeff and my father in law, bob did the sprint (500 meter swim, 17 m bike and 3 m run).  my mother in law, jan and sister in law sarah and i were going to split the sprint into a relay (jan doing the swim, sarah the bike and me the run) but paul's wheel fell off during his bike ride and (fortunately) hers and sarah (being the best wife ever) gave him her wheel so he could carry on.  we girls ended up having to forfeit for the good of the team.  so i didnt get to run my first tri but overall it was a very fun weekend and we had fun as a fam...a few of sarah and paul's friends came over and we played with the kids on sat and that was a fabulous time.  great weekend.


dog gone it.

this is my beautiful dog riley and how he has looked his entire life...

and here he is after his first ever real haircut (that we paid $70 for, i might add)...

poor guy. we won't do that to you again, buddy. promise.


fathers day fun!

This was the sentence of the day for Bob on Saturday. We celebrated father's day all day on Saturday and I planned a fun filled day of things for us to do. Everything was a surprise and all I told Bob was "Fuzzy noble chickens hide up from the big cat outback in Boston." Kinda dorky I know but every word in the sentence was a clue to each activity we did that day. Of course smarty pants Bob guessed a few of them right off the bat but he was stumped on a few. Below are some pics of the day and everything we did, it was so fun!

We went to Fuzzy's Taco Shop for breakfast.

We went to Barnes & Noble next for a book reading. Ella also got a new book, Bob picked it out.

Went to Chick-fil-la for lunch. Got a free milkshake for fathers day, Ella loved the cherry.

Mountain Hideaway is one of Bob's fav stores in Lubbock so we took him shopping there, Ella played with the mini tent the whole time.

Just me and Bob went to see the movie Up. Celeste stayed with Ella while she napped.

The science spectrum had a critterfest over the weekend so we went to the big cat tiger show. They also had elephants that you could ride so Ella and Bob did that too!

We ate at Outback for dinner. Ella loved the bread.

We had dessert at this cute little ice cream shop on Boston street. Perfect way to end a perfect day....banana split!


happy fathers day jake and jeff!

just wanted to say thanks to my dad and jeff for being such amazing men and fathers to both me and my kids. my dad is so generous, kind and always willing to love on and find the good things in my kids (and me) even when I don't see them myself.  
jeff has taught me so much about how to love our kids with his patience, kindness and with the contageous way that he loves them with all his heart.  
love you guys.  happy fathers day.

happy fathers day b-pa and bob

Happy father's day to my wonderful dad! I truly have the sweetest and most caring dad. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful father and double blessed for Ella to have such a loving B-Pa. Hope you have a wonderful father's day dad, wish we could be there with you today.

Happy father's day to Bob too! Ella has the best dad ever, he is one of a kind! Most loving, amazing and funniest man I know. Below is a little video of Bob and Ella in honor of father's day.


good quote.

just liked this.
"Friendship is born at the moment when one person says to another, 'you too?  I thought I was the only one".
C.S. Lewis
from: abbysharp.tumblr.com

island in the sun

cel and i went on a little vacay with my aunt, uncle, cousins and bro and sister in law.  so much fun.  we had a blast.  here are some amazing pics that my cousin heather took...she is so unbelievable.  she brought a friend mackenzie, who was so sweet and my cousin linds and her boyf andrew got matching tatoos that are too cool for school.  overall it was a fantastic trip.
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