island in the sun

cel and i went on a little vacay with my aunt, uncle, cousins and bro and sister in law.  so much fun.  we had a blast.  here are some amazing pics that my cousin heather took...she is so unbelievable.  she brought a friend mackenzie, who was so sweet and my cousin linds and her boyf andrew got matching tatoos that are too cool for school.  overall it was a fantastic trip.

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nataliee. said...

this is really random, but my mom was in the Cayman Islands last week and she texted me about how she saw the cutest set of twins named Sawyer and Ben. I love the name Sawyer which is why she texted me about it. I was reading A Cup of Jo, and I was looking at the baby names people liked. I saw that you had written that you had twins named Sawyer and Ben! what a small world! By the way, they are adorable!

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