Color Run

Rainbow dogs and rainbow parts.  What more could you ask for?


I painted my coffee table pink

 And Jan helped me move everything around.
And no one even cares.
Everything is too linear from this angle, so I need a round coffee table.   But I want the pink to have its day so I won't rush.  
Who I am kidding? I am never in a rush, until I'm late.

I knitted a sweater

 And it fits!!
I know.

I couldn't believe it either.  And I am clearly very excited about it.  
I restarted it like four times and just could not decide what I wanted it to look like.
But then I was like, to hell with over thinking this- I am just going to try.  And practice.  And if I hate it, I will take it out, but I cant learn if I dont practice.
And then I found this blog and i have been inhaling it.  I love what she says about everything- kids crafting, what we buy, why we make, practice and talent and breaking rules and all of that stuff.
SO anyway, I used this pattern, mostly.  I didnt do the pockets and my yarn is thinner so its light weight and easy to wear in texas.  And i just love it guys.  I love it.  I want to make so many more and I hope I do. 


Bleached Bandanas, Hawaiian Falls with Minnie and HBD Presley!

 We copied House of Lars and bleached some bandanas the other day and it was so much fun!
Most of my blues completely bleached out.  We ended up also dyeing our hand towels a denim color and that is what I used for the pics.  I dont know why but if there was any blue in them they turned brown or just white?  They are a little stiff so I am trying to put them in fabric softener so they will loosen up.  
And here are my trusty helpers :)
On eclipse day I figured no one would be at Hawaiian Falls, and I was right.  (High Five, me!)  I actually wanted to do Six Flags, but I scaled down my ambitions when I really thought about how tired we were at the end of summer and just my sanity level right before school starts.  Turns out Hawaiian Falls was a good choice.
We got to see the eclipse thanks to the glasses from Jan and Bob and the box they made for us and we got to ride rides and swim all day.  Win-Win.

 Then we ended the summer celebrating our favorite one year old!! 
We love you so much Presley!! 


First Day of School(s)

 First day of Middle School for Avery and 4th for Ben and Sawyer.
And Hannah is starting school to be a sonographer.
I wish I could hold back my tears on the first day of school, but my tear ducts can not compete with how tall Ben looks and Sass wanting a side braid. And I dont know if middle schoolers still let their mom do their hair but avery asked for a crown braid (after we took this pic and dropped off the elementary school kids) and I just kept having to wipe my eyes.  That and everyone walking in on their own and talking about schedules and calculators and lockers and not forgetting their combination (ahh!).  I dont know how we got here so fast, but I am so thankful for their school.  For their friends and the families that go there.  I am so so excited for avery in middle school and all of the freedom and new experiences she will have. She is so excited and I know she will just thrive there.  And so will Hannah. I am so proud of her for going after her dreams and working so so hard.  She is such an inspiration to all of us and thankful for what she is teaching my kids.
Heres to 2017-2018!
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