Senior Citizen Day and Little Lion Cheerleaders

We had our last home game on Friday so the girls had a dress up day at school. We went all out since it would be the last theme dress up day. Who am I kidding though, I would have gone all out anyway. 
We had SO much fun with this one! Ella and her sweet friend Reagan from class went as matching old lady close-knit friends. Reagan's mom and I did some planning on this one, I made the shirts and she made the walkers. It was hysterical!
I was cracking myself up over the shirts. I made Ella and Reagan's say Close-Knit Friends and McKenna was OVER THE HILL. 
oldladies1 2
The walkers have the best back story. Callie went to Home Depot with a picture from Pinterest of the walkers. The lady was so helpful and took her all around the store showing her all the things she needed to make them. She then told Callie to just come to the break room and she would help her make them. She helped Callie make both walkers and then told her it would be no charge because Home Depot would donate them! What?! How crazy nice is that?! I couldn't believe it. So so sweet. We took a picture of the girls holding up a Thank You Home Depot sign so Callie could give it to them. 
oldladies6 2
The girls walked in the classroom together and the kids loved it! Everyone was cracking up and wanted to touch the walkers and honk their horns. McKenna sprinted into her class so excited to show off her gray hair. It was my favorite theme day by far. 
I helped serve lunch at the school that day so I got to eat with my Granny Ella. (who obviously forget to put in her dentures)

The washed out their gray hair before the game that night and went from senior citizens to little cheerleaders. The girls had done a cheer clinic last weekend and got to preform at the pep rally and then again during halftime at the game that night. They did a dance and then a couple of cheers. I have to share with you a little video of McKenna doing her cheer. It just melts me. She is so tiny and confident. 


Bob's Birthday

I can't believe Bob's Year of 37 Envelopes is over. In case you missed it, here are the link ups for each month.
and then that brings us back to this October 4th when Bob turned 38!
 I was given a strict zero dollar budget for Bob's birthday this year. Nothing says free like a good ole' dad coupon book. The girls loved helping me come up with coupon ideas. Lots of "do artwork with Ella and McKenna" and "play with the girls" coupons.
The girls ask Bob to play rough house probably every single night. It's basically him just throwing them on the bed and pillow fighting. They love it so much and made him cash in this coupon immediately.

Playing card games has become one of our favorite family things lately. The girls are hilarious and get so into the game. Go Fish, Old Maid and Sneaky Snacky Squirrel are our favorites. I decided to take some of the decks we already owned and put a little birthday twist on them. I had too much fun with this and couldn't wait to play! We wrapped them up in a box and told Bob he couldn't open them until we sat down to dinner. Andy and Jackie met us for dinner at Bob's favorite BBQ place.
Instead of Go Fish I changed it to Go BOB! So every time you told someone to Go Fish, you had to say GO BOB! (in your best cheerleader voice of course) It was so much fun! I made all the cards different Bob characters.
I think Banana Bob is my most favorite. It was a random picture from way back in Medical School. It was a halloween party and Bob, Jeff, Kristen and I all dressed like a bunch of bananas and tiny baby Avery was a monkey. Somehow in the night Banana Bob ended up in a workout room for that pic.
Then I took Old Maid and changed it to creepy Old Man. 
I attempted making a chocolate bundt cake and as you can see, I failed miserably. It still tasted great though! (McKenna is yelling 38!)
Happy Birthday Babe!

10 Months

So I dropped the photos of you on your blanket.  I am sure you couldn't care less, but I have to admit that I do feel sort of like a failure.  I have the instagram pics and i love how they are all different so I just went with that.  And you are so much bigger than your blanket now! Which would be cool to document... Let's be honest, the real reason is that I want to use my real camera for those and I can not get it together for long enough to pull it out. WHAT IS MY WORLD COMING TOO.  Ok, I have been this lazy all along it just is really evident now...
Now that the cats out of the bag,
You, shea bean.  10 months is IT.  This is the most fun ever.  I know I say that every month, but it so awesome.  You can almost walk and walk around the furniture everywhere.  You are doing everything so much faster than your sisters and brother I guess to try and keep up with them.  Or you just like to move it move it.  I dont know, but I want you to stop! It is all going so fast!!!
You say mama and dada and cat and dooooog (so cute) and uh oh.  It is the best.  You sing and sing all the time and talk non stop.  You have this new cheese smile where you scrunch up your nose and it is THE CUTEST.
You love to have attention and to have others around you. You still sometimes cry when they get out of the car to go to school and its so sweet.
I got you a baby and you love love that baby.  You give her kisses all the time and when I give her to you you say "ahhhhh" and give her big hugs.  You also just love all babies.  You want to kiss and love on all babies and if you see them across the room you say ahhhh to them until I take you over to them.
You love love to swing too.
And your sisters and brother love to swing you.
And minnie got you these cargo pants and you just crack me up in them so much.
I wish I could stop time and keep you this age FOREVER.
We love you so much and I just cant wait to see what this next month has in store.  But if staying 10 months is an option- I ll take that.


Bald Bob

This blog post is so late that Bob has been bald and now has hair again. 
Ever since I have known Bob, he has always had the desire to shave his head. Not completely bald but pretty close to it. I have never really loved the idea. At the end of the summer he had gotten a bad haircut. We were literally driving up the ally to our house when Bob said, "If I'm ever going to do it, now is the time since this haircut makes me look more bald anyway." I told him to go for it! I think that surprised him but also gave him the extra push and his adrenaline was pumping. We walked in the house and went immediately outside. He put the razor in the girls hands and I was ready to video it. It was a classic moment of pure shock from us all. (and of course mom peeing her pants)
It took a while to get used to but I liked it. Bob was the one who didn't love it. Pretty sure he won't be going bald again voluntarily. 

Speaking of videos where Bob makes me laugh so hard I fall to the ground and pee, I will leave you with this one. It might be my favorite. It was after Dignan's birthday party. I was about to break down the cardboard dog house to throw away but Bob had a better idea of how to get it down. Plus he thought it would make the girls laugh. They did not think it was as funny as we did. They both started crying so hard and we couldn't stop laughing. 
Not only does he successfully knock down the dog house, he also takes McKenna out. Probably not our best parenting moment...


Door Decorating and Homecoming Float

One of the perks of being home room mom is getting to decorate the classroom door. The wannabe teacher deep down inside of me was so excited about this part.
Everyone does a Homecoming door that is related to whatever team we are playing. Our school played the Royals. There were some great doors, I wish I had pictures of them all to share. There was Roll the Royals, Roast the Royals, Rain on the Royals, Reel in the Royals, Wreck the Royals and I went with Rock the Royals. 
I went up to Ella's class one day to take pictures of each kid with some Rockstar accessories. I loved getting to do this with the kids. I read a book to the class first so that everyone would feel more comfortable with me. I read one of my favorite books called "Purple, Green and Yellow." I was so excited about doing this but got so insanely nervous when I sat in front of the class and I could feel my face and neck turning red. Then I caught a glimpse in the mirror at how red I was which made me even more nervous so it just never went away. Ella even asked me why I was so red. Ugh. Way can't I  just be a normal person when it comes to public speaking?!
I gave all the kids a star to decorate and then I called them in the hallway one by one to get their picture. I had a bunch of props and let them pick how much they wanted to put on. Most of the boys just held a guitar but most of the girls went all out and put on as much as they could. One little girl immediately went into rockstar mode and started singing and dancing around. It was awesome! 
I put everyone's picture on their star and used my silhouette to create the Rockstar Lion. I blew it up real big and traced it on my computer screen. It took a while but I loved doing it. 
McKenna's teacher gave me some pictures of each kid in front of the schools lion and told me the door didn't have to be homecoming themed. I went with a basic Lion theme so it could stay up longer than the homecoming week.
Here is a glimpse of my living room after making one of the doors. Bob said it was like someone brought in a wood chipper and put hobby lobby threw it in our house. 

Each grade decorates a wagon for the homecoming float. The homeroom mom from the other Kindergarten class and I worked together on this one and it was so much fun. She had the idea of doing a Royal Flush. I told her I loved it and I just so happen to already have a potty that I had made. Remember the potty piƱata from McKenna's potty party?! I just gave it a face lift and it was perfect. We put it on a checkered floor and had a crown to flush the Royals. They pulled it during halftime at the football game and also at the pep rally.
 I made shirts for the kids to wear that were pulling the float at the pep rally. The kids loved the potty humor!
Turns out we really are #1! We won the game!

I switched the class doors over to a Fall theme last week. McKenna's teacher requested a scarecrow and I got to pick whatever for Ella's so I went with a Fall tree.
Now if it would just feel and look like this outside.