SURPRISE!! Golden Anniversary Party

I had talked to Jeff about wanting to have a Golden Anniversary party (14 years on the 14th.  I think I made it up.  Its ok.  I like it) since we had our 13.  It just kind of seemed to be pushed to the back burner of my mind throughout the year and by the time it was getting close I had kind of given up on the idea.  Not kind of- totally.  I had mentioned it to my friends and Vic, knowing how much I really wanted it even though I played it down, started a whole marco polo with a few of my closest friends and they pulled off the surprise anniversary party of the century! It was just the most magical surprise and I could not have asked for a more perfect party.  It was in a room at San Miguels and when I walked in I just saw so many of my favorite people dressed in their bridesmaid dresses or gold- it was just a dreammmmmm.
We also walked into them playing our song, I wanna Grow Old with You by Adam Sandler (a classic that I am sure is widely used by brides 😉)! 

This is the moment I saw Mandy and Becca- they looked incredible.  Thats an understatement.

My bridesmaids!! In their dresses!!!
Zippers optional.

Sass was mortified Jeff was wearing a shirt and vest with shorts.  She would have died at this 😂

Anna made this amazing flower crown for me before I even went to the party just for me to have.  It was just the best and I dried it and will save it forever.

There were wigs and glitter eye shadow!
My amazing party planning dream team!
We came back and had a dance party at my house that I wish so badly I had video of!
Here is the set up crew and the layout at San Miguel's.  Just perfection!

Personalized face garland,
Golden suits,
Golden gumballs like I had at my own wedding and a real CAKE!
Photos from our wedding and engagement sessions that never even saw the light of day until now.  I have the most thoughtful and wonderful friends and I just cant believe I got to have that party.  I want to do it again!! Thank yall so SO MUCH for every bit of it!
Becca slipped on the way down our stairs to end the night and I just layed right down next to her and cracked up.  Couldn't have ended it better.


Canada, eh? Banfftastic.

We went to Banff for Bob's retirement party (well, the party was that we all went to Banff), and it was incredible.
We left on a jet plane;

took a bridge over troubled (but beautiful) waters;

we chased waterfalls;
followed rainbows;

because there aint no mountain high enough to keep us from celebrating you, Bob.

It was just the best trip and I want to go back every summer just to be able to see a little bit more of that magical place.  There is just so much beauty in every inch of it that I dont know that we could ever see it all.  also, being able to celebrate all the hard work that Bob and Jan have put into their lives and the fact that they can no spend more time resting and enjoying their days was such a humbling joy.  Thank you Bob and Jan for all the work that you have done in your lives and I hope that this next phase of your life is full of joy and rest and so much fun.

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