Bald Bob

This blog post is so late that Bob has been bald and now has hair again. 
Ever since I have known Bob, he has always had the desire to shave his head. Not completely bald but pretty close to it. I have never really loved the idea. At the end of the summer he had gotten a bad haircut. We were literally driving up the ally to our house when Bob said, "If I'm ever going to do it, now is the time since this haircut makes me look more bald anyway." I told him to go for it! I think that surprised him but also gave him the extra push and his adrenaline was pumping. We walked in the house and went immediately outside. He put the razor in the girls hands and I was ready to video it. It was a classic moment of pure shock from us all. (and of course mom peeing her pants)
It took a while to get used to but I liked it. Bob was the one who didn't love it. Pretty sure he won't be going bald again voluntarily. 

Speaking of videos where Bob makes me laugh so hard I fall to the ground and pee, I will leave you with this one. It might be my favorite. It was after Dignan's birthday party. I was about to break down the cardboard dog house to throw away but Bob had a better idea of how to get it down. Plus he thought it would make the girls laugh. They did not think it was as funny as we did. They both started crying so hard and we couldn't stop laughing. 
Not only does he successfully knock down the dog house, he also takes McKenna out. Probably not our best parenting moment...


Door Decorating and Homecoming Float

One of the perks of being home room mom is getting to decorate the classroom door. The wannabe teacher deep down inside of me was so excited about this part.
Everyone does a Homecoming door that is related to whatever team we are playing. Our school played the Royals. There were some great doors, I wish I had pictures of them all to share. There was Roll the Royals, Roast the Royals, Rain on the Royals, Reel in the Royals, Wreck the Royals and I went with Rock the Royals. 
I went up to Ella's class one day to take pictures of each kid with some Rockstar accessories. I loved getting to do this with the kids. I read a book to the class first so that everyone would feel more comfortable with me. I read one of my favorite books called "Purple, Green and Yellow." I was so excited about doing this but got so insanely nervous when I sat in front of the class and I could feel my face and neck turning red. Then I caught a glimpse in the mirror at how red I was which made me even more nervous so it just never went away. Ella even asked me why I was so red. Ugh. Way can't I  just be a normal person when it comes to public speaking?!
I gave all the kids a star to decorate and then I called them in the hallway one by one to get their picture. I had a bunch of props and let them pick how much they wanted to put on. Most of the boys just held a guitar but most of the girls went all out and put on as much as they could. One little girl immediately went into rockstar mode and started singing and dancing around. It was awesome! 
I put everyone's picture on their star and used my silhouette to create the Rockstar Lion. I blew it up real big and traced it on my computer screen. It took a while but I loved doing it. 
McKenna's teacher gave me some pictures of each kid in front of the schools lion and told me the door didn't have to be homecoming themed. I went with a basic Lion theme so it could stay up longer than the homecoming week.
Here is a glimpse of my living room after making one of the doors. Bob said it was like someone brought in a wood chipper and put hobby lobby threw it in our house. 

Each grade decorates a wagon for the homecoming float. The homeroom mom from the other Kindergarten class and I worked together on this one and it was so much fun. She had the idea of doing a Royal Flush. I told her I loved it and I just so happen to already have a potty that I had made. Remember the potty piñata from McKenna's potty party?! I just gave it a face lift and it was perfect. We put it on a checkered floor and had a crown to flush the Royals. They pulled it during halftime at the football game and also at the pep rally.
 I made shirts for the kids to wear that were pulling the float at the pep rally. The kids loved the potty humor!
Turns out we really are #1! We won the game!

I switched Ella's class door over to a Fall theme last week.
Now if it would just feel and look like this outside.


Theme Days

Maybe one of my favorite kind of days. 
Every Friday when there is a home game, the school has a theme dress day. We have had so much fun with it! The first one was neon 80's. I heat pressed a lions face with some cool shutter shades on a neon shirt. They looked totally tubular! 
Then is was movie character theme. You can only imagine how many Elsa and Anna's there were that day. 
Construction day was next. I had found some overalls at walmart and the girls couldn't believe I would even buy them. They hated them to put it lightly. McKenna wouldn't even try hers on. I tried to convince them how cool and practical they were. The endless amount of pocket possibilities...
I ended up taking the overalls back and getting an orange vest for Ella and I just taped on some lines with yellow duck tape. McKenna decided against dressing up with the theme for this week.
Super hero day! 
Pink or blue day.
They also had twin day where each one dressed the same as someone in their class. I didn't get a pic of them on blackout day or red, white and blue day. Next Friday is the last dress up day for the football season and I will be sure to get a picture because it is going to be hilarious! 
Senior Citizen dress up day! How funny is that?! I can't wait to see what everyone does for it. 


My Birthday

 September 23rd I turned the big 33. I woke up surprised to find the table set up. Bob had gotten balloons, somehow dug in my craft nook and found my CELEBRATE letters, made a cake with the girls for me, a gift from the girls and the best note ever from Bob.
We had already said no gifts for each other that cost money. We didn't want to take that away from the girls though so Bob let them buy me a gift. I had circled a locket necklace in a random catalog forever ago and Ella remembered to show and tell Bob about it. I loved opening it. Bob's gift to me might be one of my favorites. He wrote me a very sweet note and explained that he was giving me the gift of time. Every single day of my 33rd year, he will give me what he calls "The First 15." Immediately after the girls are laid down to sleep I get his first 15 minutes of free time. No SportsCenter, no phone, no internet, no work, instead he will be 100% focused on doing whatever I ask for a solid 15 minutes. I can't tell you how much I have loved this gift already. I feel almost guilty getting to have it the entire year. I honestly forgot about it the first week and every single night after the kids would go to bed, Bob would come and stand in front of me and say, Well? What do you want to do? I was like, what do you mean? Then he would so sweetly remind me that I had full control of the next 15 minutes. I have had him help me figure spacing issues on decorating a door for Ella and McKennna's classroom, empty and reload the dishwasher, watch 15 minutes of ridiculous reality tv shows, play rummikub (which lead to over an hour and me kicking his butt), picking up the playroom and hanging pictures on the wall. Some nights I honestly feel so bad and just want him to just sit with me or I tell him I want him to watch SportsCenter. It really has been the best gift for both of us and I couldn't ask for more.
My mom came in town on my actual birthday so it was fun to have someone with me while Bob was working all day and the girls were at school. We got our nails done and then spent the evening taking the girls to speech and gymnastics. When we walked in the door, dinner was set on the table and I couldn't get over it. When I first met Bob I told him my favorite food was Chinese food from a box. I loved eating it straight out of a take out box. For one of our first dates he called all around Fort Worth to find a place that had the take out boxes. He took us to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens to eat it and I was so surprised and impressed that he had remembered and was so thoughtful to pay such attention to a small but very important detail to me. Turned out they forgot to put silverware or even chopsticks with our order. Keep in mind this was one of our very first dates so I was already so nervous to eat in front of him and now I had to eat fried rice and noodles with my hands. It ended up being pretty funny and a great first date memory. So, with the side story, you can see why my birthday dinner was extra special this year. He had driven 40 minutes each way to find good Chinese food WITH the take out boxes to eat it from. Truly was the best birthday!
My mom brought a cake too so I got double the birthday wishes this year!
The day after my birthday, my mom and I headed to Round Top. I have been wanting to do this since I have moved here. It is an antique show that happens twice a year. It's huge and so cool! We had gotten lots of great tips from Kristen's fabulous mother-n-law Jan who is a pro and regular at Round Top. We decided to go on a Wednesday so we wouldn't have much traffic. The crowds were amazing. Not very many of the venders were open that early on in the week but more than enough were open for us to see in a day trip. We left right after dropping the girls off at school. We were so lost and didn't really know where to head first but everyone was so nice and helpful there. We just wondered around and looked at the coolest stuff. I was on the hunt for a new kitchen table and chairs. Our kitchen area is very tiny so it needed to be a pretty small table and I needed the table and chairs to be at a very good price. I was looking for a major steal. We came across lots of beautiful tables but they were either the wrong size or price. We stayed until it closed and walked away with a few great items. No table but it was still such a fun and successful day.
There was a famous restaurant called Royers that everyone said to eat at but we were told it was impossible to get in without reservations. Since is was a Wednesday night we popped in and took our chances. Turns out there were two seats at the bar and we got them! It was the best food and the most delicious pie.
The next morning we woke up and as I left at 8 to drop the girls off at school, my mom headed out to drive back to Fort Worth. Or so I thought. Around noon that day, I called my mom just to make sure she had made it back home. She immediately started laughing so hard and told me she was actually back at Round Top! WHAT?! She couldn't stand that I didn't find a table so she drove back again and looked at some of the tents that hadn't opened until that day. How cool and awesome is my mom?! I couldn't believe it. It gets even better! She found a table and chairs that were the perfect size, perfect color and the perfect price! So she loaded them up and brought them to my house. I love it so much! Our DIY chalkboard table was so fun while it lasted but it was falling apart so we needed an update. I couldn't think of a better table for our little nook.
It's actually a wine tasting table but the size is so perfect for our kitchen table. We love it so much!
Bring it on 33! 


Summer fun!

Yes, I know it's Fall. I also know I have been the worst blogger ever.
Just wanted to catch up on some of our summer fun so I won't forget it.

We had so much fun participating in our first cow appreciation day. I can't believe we have never done this before. It was fantastic! I learned a few things that I won't repeat next year though. Like, NEVER use black glitter on shirts again. We all know I am a fan of glitter and don't mind the mess but this black glitter was overboard. It is still in my car and seems to keep growing. We made our shirts say EAT MORE CHICKEN AND SPARKLE ON! I soon realized that Chickfila spells their words wrong. I'm the worst at spelling so I would have been all over misspelled words. Next year.
We went for lunch with some sweet friends and then went back for dinner when Bob got home.
Ella and her sweet friend Maggie did and art class together and created the most beautiful Pup Picasso painting. 
They also did an art camp at a local church that was so fun. It's so crazy that Ella is old enough to be dropped off at summer camps. So bittersweet. Everyone got a free shirt the first day that was a huge size. We had fun cutting it shorter and bedazzling it with some fun beads.
Ella and McKenna did a Frozen camp together at the dance studio they take at. This was the first time they could be in the same class and it was so fun. They loved getting to go together. At the end of the week, we got to come watch their dance they had been learning. It was the kind of cute that makes your jaw hurt from smiling so big. Love my little Frozen sisters.
Ella finally learned how to blow a bubble! She was beyond excited and so proud of herself. She is a bubble blowing machine now.
We took a much needed Midland trip to visit some of the best of friends. It was a true Casa Grande reunion.
McKenna was in baby heaven with sweet Boone. We took a Then & Now picture of McKenna and Cooper. So crazy to see how much they have grown.
We dyed the girls tips with red kool-aid while we were in Midland too! Ella has a new found obsession with American Girl Dolls and wanted to be just like Isabelle with her pink tips. The kool-aid method worked awesome! I just mix one pack of dark cherry with one cup of hot water. Then held her tips in it for 5 minutes. We didn't wash it out, just let it air dry. It stayed in for almost 2 weeks. It did fade and get lighter but it looked so cool. McKenna's didn't show up because her hair was too dark I guess.
We swam a lot this summer. Ella has got the swimming thing down and almost a dive. McKenna has got the puddle jumper thing down.
We went Peach picking in Fredericksburg one day and it was so much fun. The peaches were amazing, we ate them for weeks.
We played with cousins and celebrated summer birthdays with multiple piñatas and banners.
We took the girls to a baseball game and made sure they got to experience all the ballpark food.
We went to the skating rink a couple of times. Always a fun adventure there!
I gave the girls their first job opportunity to earn some cash. 2 dollars a piece for picking up dog poop. The first time was hilarious. They were racing around trying to get as much as they good and were so excited every time they found some. It was like an easter egg hunt. But not. Ella loves getting the chance to earn 2 bucks a week and gladly does it. McKenna mostly turns the job down.
We had afternoon tea with JoJo and Poppa as they passed through town one day.
Had multiple "baby showers" for McKenna's dolls. This is one of her favorite things to do right now and it is beyond precious. She picks out a few things from their toys and wraps them up herself. She will put some food and drinks on the table and then invite Ella and I to come to her baby shower. She gives us one of the wrapped presents to then give back to her so she can open it for her baby. We sit and talk about her baby and all the things she does. It's pretty funny. I have got to get one on video before she grows out of this stage.
Bob and I were invited to an adult party during the last weekend of summer. We haven't gone to many of these so we were so excited! The friends that were throwing the party have the last name White so the invite said A White Party, where white if you want. Of course the if part was a total no brainer for me. We love a theme and went all out. I wore my actual wedding dress and we found Bob a white tuxedo on Amazon for 30 bucks! It was so much fun! I was defiantly the only one in my wedding dress but I had no regrets. It was a fun night out.
Even busted out the Nike shocks I wore at my wedding.
Then we ended the summer with some back to school haircuts and blow-dry by aunt Anna. McKenna brought in her doll that she wanted to match again.
All this feels like so long ago! So glad I got it blogged before my mom brain could even go back that far. Now onto some more recent posts...