Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!
We rode our bikes after school and actually got to trade in a bag for a tiny baby tree at one of our very favorite local eateries, Patina Green, downtown.  It was awesome.
We are going to plant our trees in pots and see if we can keep them alive.
Speaking of keeping things alive, meet our new chicks-
Sunshine, Oreo and Rosie.
So far, it looks like Sunshine is in charge.  She is always, always standing.  No matter what time I check on them.  Oreo, on the other hand, is usually laying down.  I dont know if thats because she is Ben's chick and rarely gets a moment to herself, or if she just gets tired easily.  Either way, they are all still alive.
And its been like five days.
I call it a victory.
As we speak, Jeff and Ben are killing flies with Felipe's salt gun, feeding them to the chicks and watching them run and chase each other to try and get it from the one who has it.  Hilarious.
And, in honor of Earth day, here are some pics of my flower children after playing in Nana's flower shop the other day.
Happy Earth Day!
Keep doing whatever you can to keep her clean and beautiful!

Friday, April 18, 2014


Our lately has been full of matching homemade shirts for shea and I, lemonade stands, Dr. Suess's bday where the kids dressed up as The Cat in the Hat and the worried goldfish in the bowl, Ben's 30th Birthday that was just SO MUCH FUN, sister time, dad and Shea at Ben's soccer practice, being featured on spoonflowers front page (WHAT?!), a sleepover on hilltop, snuggles and new hair cuts with matching outfits.
non stop partying over here.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Shea's Mobile

shea in bed2
When I was pregnant, I asked a few of my crafty friends to make things that I could hang on a mobile for shea to put over her bed.  I also saved some stuff that I had made with my kids or with friends that I knew I could use for the mobile, as well.  I didnt have any specific requirements except that it be a neutral color.  At that time we didnt know if it was a boy or a girl, so that kind of a played a role in what everyone made.
Having homemade and unique pieces from people that I love for her to look at, and to remind me (and her eventually) how many people love her, is one of my favorite things about this mobile. I knew it would be cute because all of my friends are so talented, but I didnt know how neat it would be every time I looked at it.  It is definitely one of my very favorite things.
Lindsay made the rainbow, allison made the cloud, shannon made the cross stitch heart, brooke made the star, julie made the elephants, blair and mel made the pom pom and sassy and I made the hearts.
She just smiles at it every time she is in bed.  She kicks her legs and talks to it.  She loves it so much- it is just the best.
And jennifer made her a cloud with a beautiful rainbow at the bottom that was just so pretty by itself that I framed it and hung it on her wall.
I am going to hang up the hat she came home in and the beautiful rainbow hat brooke made her too. I just haven't gotten around to it yet....
Thank you everyone who gave me the coolest things ever to hang over shea's crib.  I cant tell you what it means to me to look at it every time I am trying to put her to bed. SO so thankful for everyone in our lives and how so many people have given their time and creativity and love to make this transition so much easier.  I am truly blessed with the most amazing people in my life and I am so thankful my kids get to experience them too.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Bike Gang

I have no idea when kids are supposed to learn how to ride bikes without training wheels.  We are not the most athletic of families, so we never really pushed it.
Then, one day Ben asked to take his off and the rest is adding baby bike seats-biking to dinner- riding around the neighborhood kind of history.
There have only been a few near death experiences so far.  We call that a win (win win).

Friday, April 11, 2014

Is it april already?

Hello, 2014.  I know you did not just get here, but it seems like I have not been able to lift my head to see you until recently.  
It has been a head down, baby growing few months, and I think I have done nothing but look at shea and smile/cry/pray/laugh/pump and feed people for 4 months.  It has been the most fun and draining time of my life.
When I first have a baby, and I know that not everyone feels this way, but for me, it is bliss.  It is a drug that I can not get enough of and it keeps me higher than high for about 4 weeks.  I am ridiculously happy and excited and everything is illuminated in a new light.   Then, in week 5-ish, it gets a little hairier.  Babies start sleeping less and being awake more.  And dont get me wrong- I love this transition so much.  I love those bright eyes, even in the dead of night. But just knowing those eyes could possibly choose not close even though I am giving it my best college try, gets me stressed.  Shea would let me get into a routine putting her to sleep- be it rocking her with a paci, or swaddling and putting her down awake, or feeding her to sleep- and then decide she was bored with that. She would then need a new routine made for her for a few days, or a week, and once I felt like we had gotten that down, she would change her mind again.  Nothing if not constantly second guessing her direction in life and needing a new venue with the same people.
Dont I know.
I would be remiss not to mention, also, that Jeff has changed jobs three times since we moved here.  
Needless to say, its been a little bit of a ride into our post residency family of 6 life.
But, man, the good days have been so so good.
(Not every minute or job change or late night cry fests).
But this has been a year of newness and changing perspectives.  My kids are grown up. It is constantly blowing my mind.  They do everything on their own.  We ski together as a family and everyone skis.  We ride bikes together as a family and everyone rides.  We go eat dinner and everyone can order for themselves (I mean, obviously not everyone).
I will not for much longer pick up huge dinosaurs and tiny dinosaurs and a million stuffed animals.  It will transition to books and more homework and probably video games or whatever it is the big kids do these days.  I know that I have Shea to pick up after and I am counting on it.  I hope she is naive and young and lets us watch those terribly annoying cartoons that I hate, for a very long time.  But my big kids- they watch big shows.  And do real projects.  And ski entire mountains.  They put away their laundry and they take showers instead of baths.  I drive to practices and answer to mom instead of mommy.
My life, as I knew it, is over.
and 2014 has given me a whole new one.
I have had no plan in store to maneuver this new lifestyle, as you might have guessed.  I am an emotional prepper for things like a new job and new home, and a prepper for outings of the zoo variety (though I forget something every time).  But in mom life, I am not much good at prepping.  It seems like every new stage just knocks me off of my feet and I didnt even know it was coming.
This has been one of those times. The independence of my kids paired with the complete dependence of my newborn is the most incredible juxtaposition of new life and old merged into one.  I am so thankful to be able to see the future and the past, often, in the very same instant.
Since diving into this new momness, I have forgotten to take pictures or document very many moments, because, when I am not rinsing pump bottles or picking up blankets off the floor to wash or searching for soccer cleats, I really am just so caught up in the moment itself.  It is so freeing and so fun, but I do love to document.  Before, I thought I was taking pictures because whatever they were doing was so beautiful or fun or sweet that I had to see it again right that instant, not because I thought I would ever forget it.  I thought every moment, weighed with so much importance, would be ingrained into my head and heart forever.  Now, I look up at avery and realize all the moments that I have forgotten- not because they weren't important, but because as a new moment arises, the old moments get pushed farther and farther back in my mind.  This time around I know better that every stage is only a blink, and that before I know it, I will look up and see an 8 year old out of the corner of my eye doing her homework instead of sleeping in her carseat.
I am ready 2014. It may have taken me four months to really see what was going on, but I think I am finally (getting) ready.