Ranger Games, sleepovers and Chuck E Cheese

I want to say that this is what has been happening lately, but that would imply that these pictures are at all recent, which, unfortunately they really are not.  But for the sake of remembering Julyish, here is what we have been doing lately.
two square collage
Sass had her first sleepover with avery at Aly's house! She was so excited and could not get over it.  She cried when we left the next day, after we spent the whole day with them. Just too much fun, those Booths.  And we had even put them to work on their playhouse most of the day.  Who said child labor isn't good labor? (Us.  We did.  It was a huge mess).
While the girls slept over and worked for free, ben went fishing with jeff
He hated it.
Then we took shea to her first ranger game.  She looks mas o menos in this pics- but she loved it!
two square collage
It was like a huge party that she thought, was just for her.
And a few more details include the bummer of Shea getting sick for the first time and I was a mess/ then she got better/ me spending more time at the dentist this summer than the summer of 2012 and that is ALOT/ we have spent quite a few days at chuck e cheese this summer- with cousins, second cousins and the harrisons/ and cousins camp was such a huge hit, just like every year.  Love those grandparents so much!
Ok.  More to come on with these summer catch up post before they go to school.  UGH.  I cant believe I am saying that.  I am just not ready.  I thought that I would be, and that the heat would wear us down, but its not even been that hot.  And I feel like I have barely seen the kids long enough to call it a summer.  School shmool.


The Playhouse

A dream come true for any little kid. (or grown adult like myself) 
Bob's dad designed and built a playhouse for each cousin. How crazy and awesome is that?! Way before Christmas, one of the cousins asked Pappy if he could make her a playhouse for Christmas. He said "YES!" without even thinking twice about it. So operation playhouse began. My girls had no clue that any of it was going on and I never said a word to them. On Christmas day, Pappy took all the cousins out back and showed them the progress of the playhouses and told them they would soon be in their backyards. My girls were overwhelmed with joy! 
The only downside to our playhouse is that we are about 3 hours away, while the other cousins were all in the same town. Pappy didn't let that get in the way though. He drove down and started putting the girls dream house together. Adam came over and helped get the big pieces in place. It was a little bit more difficult than expected but they kept going late into the night. Pappy had to drive back home so he could make it to church the next morning but he came back a few weeks later to continue the work. 
Bob worked on it any break he had from work.
They realized that the door was put on backwards so they didn't finis putting the door knob on or anything until Billy could come back and help flip it around. We used a rake for a few months to hold the door shut.
The playhouse saw it's first snow,
had it's first of many lunches,
and even got it's first coat of paint from McKenna.
I tackled the outside paint one week. The sides and back still need a second and maybe third coat...
Billy came over one day and they got the door flipped around the right way and installed some windows. Adding some fun curtains is still on my to-do list.
Bob the Builder!
The floor was a little whelped and splittery from rain so I painted a deck paint on it to seal it all together. I love how it turned out. You can walk on it barefoot and everything. I decide to paint my own rug on and I am love with it! I drew it out with chalk first and then just painted it on with acrylic paints. 
McKenna loves bringing her baby doll stuff out there and pretending it's her own little house.
Pappy got a life size fireplace printed off on this thick plastic and I hung it on the wall. Every house needs a family portrait hung above the mantel. I had this picture blown up at Staples and then I just covered it with packing tape so it would hold up outside. (it doesn't look bubbly like in this pic)
I still have a lot more work to do but it is coming along. The ceiling might be one of those things that never gets done. Part of it was originally blue and I should have just left it. I thought it would look cool with a gray stain so I started that then I decided to just paint it all white and then soon realized I didn't have the neck power to do it. Also should have done the ceiling first...
We love it so much and can't wait for the weather to cool down so we can play it in all day!
You're the best Pappy!


Party Animal!

Dignan turned 7 and we celebrated him!
He is truly the sweetest most laid back dog ever.
PicMonkey Collage2
This was a VERY last minute party. As we were eating dinner a few nights ago, Ella randomly asked us how old Dignan was. I said 8 but Bob said 7. I knew his birthday was either in June or July but couldn't remember. Bob went and found his papers so we could figure it out. Turns out his birthday was July 22nd! It was 4 days before his actual birthday when we found this out. Ella's first reaction was, lets throw him a party! Duh.
I made the invite first thing and we went and put it in Finley's mailbox. (our new neighbors Andy and Jackie's dog)

We really didn't do anything else for the party until the day of so it was full on party planning mode all day and it was so fun! We had a very successful Dollar Tree run. We stocked up on dog bowls, treats and toys. I made a dog house out of a cardboard box and we are still playing in it. 

I tried to set up a mini obstacle course for the dogs but it wasn't a huge hit. I had some sticks that the dogs were supposed to go in and out of. Finely won hands down. Then we attempted to have them jump through the hulu hoop. Andy won that one. 
After dinner, the adults and kids played a game. It was hilarious. I'm embarrassed to say that we have owned this game for years. You put some gak in the dog's mouth and then roll the dice. Whatever number you land on is how many times you pump the dog leash. I can't explain the horrible and hysterical sound that comes when you pump the leash. If the dog doesn't poop the gak out on your turn, then it's the next players roll. You want the dog to poop on your turn so you can scoop it up with your shovel. Whoever collets 3 poops first, wins.

After Jackie won the game, we sang Happy Birthday to Dignan and let the dogs eat some cake. I found this recipe for an actual dog cake. It was basically peanut butter, pumpkin and oats. I did try it. It tasted just like I would imagine a dog treat to taste like. Very bland and blah. Turns out Dignan and Finely LOVED it though.
We ended the night by showering Dignan with gifts, kisses from Finley and goodie bags for the birthday boy and guest to take home.
We love you Digs!