Craft Room Curtains

I have had the idea of hanging curtains in my craft room for a long time.  I had even bought the curtains that were now long time residents of the floor in said craft room.  I had full intentions of moving in that direction, but things just kept coming up....
So, when my friend mary came in town for a short visit and wanted to meet up at ikea to shop around and she told me that she had the same exact vision of curtains for her kids rooms,  I got inspired to actually do it.   
Long drawn out way to say that I procrastinate, but I have finally completed a task (yea!).
My craft room is a huge work in progress (and by work in progress I mean, a place where there is little to no organization and I am working at a snails pace to improve that.  and obviously curtains that are solely for looks is moving in the right direction...), so I can only show you the curtains that aren't actually completely done, but thats clearly irrelevant.
This was the easiest curtain making process known to man.
I bought Ikea curtains. Then I cut them into fourths.  I cut off the little things that they had at the top to hang with and just used the hem to slip through the curtain rods.  Then I hemmed the pieces that didnt have a hem so they could slide onto the rods.  Then I added some tassels or bobbles or pom poms (I dont know what they are actually called) to the edges with one stitch.
I didnt even hem the bottoms, so dont look too close.
DSC_2999 copy
and wah lah!
My mother in law got the fabulous light fixtures downtown and the tables are old science tables from a classroom (with gum underneath and all).  (And we do have two computers, one is just really old.  You just cant tell in the picture)
DSC_3002 copy
Maybe next I will actually organize something in here.


Wrapped up in you

The latelyness.
Shea will take a bath wherever she can get it.  Sink, tub, shower- she loves it all.  
This dress was Avery's and then Sawyer and now its Shea's.
When you cant reach your back to put an entire sheet of tattoos on yourself, you ask your sister and she will do it for you. I love these twins.
Jan left sass some flowers to put around our house when she left for colorado and they were so gorgoues! Sass knows more than I do, so she taught me how to trim the leaves off the flowers and arrange them in a bowl.
Sarah and Paul came to Texas and I got to watch the kids for an afternoon and the kids were pretty much in heaven.
JPB and the Bean.
Aly called me the other day and just wanted to make sure that we were not having a sleepover that night because avery had sent an invite to adalyn that said she was invited to a sleep over.  I love that kid.  I had to go back and tell her that she needs to clear that kind of stuff with me next time but I do love that party spirit :)
I also got to be in the room when Linds welcomed sweet baby Dylan Lee Harrison into the world.  It was just the most incredible thing I have ever experienced and just so so happy for the harrison family!!
Ben had his first flag football game on sat and he walked around a little bit not really on it... but he loved it so well see how it goes!
And saturday night we got to go to one of our dear friends from med schools wedding and got the gang back together.  It was SO MUCH fun.  We partied the night away and loved every single second of seeing everyone! Congrats Marianne and Mark!
Kind of a jumble, but, you know, everyday is a party.  Well, not everyday.  But the days with a wedding and fun reception are definitely a party.  So, I guess moral of the story is, may everyday be a wedding day?  Too much.  I get it.  But maybe finding some of those huge pink glasses may at least help.

Im much too young to feel this damn old

Im going to start naming all my posts after Garth songs.
But, man.
This has been one of the hardest summers of my life.
Not because all of my kids were home- because that is my favorite.  Not in an annoying "i love my kids more than other moms" kind of way- not at all.  I just like to have the day to do whatever we want, and the pool always being an option.  I like being around my kids and just having them in the vicinity-even if everyone is doing their own things. I mean, lets be honest, its probably more of a lazy thing. Of course, I also like my alone adult time, obviously. But having summer have an end, and that  when it does, we all go back to responsibility and stress and learning and growing. Ugh. I mean, I like learning and growing, in theory.  Just not deadlines and signing papers that I will inevitably loose as soon as I get it.  Or sign it, not knowing what it says, and then never do what I said I would do when I signed it.  Or the actual learning and growing part, too.  Those types of things.
But, ya, unrelated to those types of things, this summer has been draining.  And sometimes I want to blog and remember everything so good and fun-which it is-but sometimes I just want to remember exactly what I was thinking the first week of school when I was missing my kids slip n sliding in the back yard.
I am not ready to be a grown up.  You know what I mean?  This week alone I have already over committed myself to doing so many things I said I would do- which I obviously want to be the person that does what I say I will do, but man.  Its hard sometimes.  Sometimes, because I truly can not put my baby anywhere but my lap when she is awake.
As I am reading this back I sound so terribly annoying.
I am so sorry. I am completely aware that I have so many many blessings and please know how very thankful I am for all of those.  The baby that I just got up from her nap is the most incredible blessing to our little family and I do not for one second take her health or those of my family lightly.  And I have friends who are going through truly terrible and heartbreaking things as I write this petty post.  I am watching them choose joy and allow themselves to grow and change in spite of their deep deep hurt.  It give me so much perspective and hope.  It inspires me to look beyond my own hurt and pity party.  (well, in just a minute)
And I just bought all of Garth Brooks music for $29.99 and it is downloading to my phone as we speak, so things are looking up.
I just mean, school came like a freight train and I am still not emotionally stable enough to handle it.
Whew. I dont like to brag on my stability as a human being.
Thankfully, I can sit here and look at pictures of chickens and kids that are growing and changing right before my eyes.
And all of this growing and changing has got to bring good- despite my constant push back against it.


Summer Check List!

For Bob's June envelope, I made him a summer to do list. It had of course 37 things to do. It hung on our fridge all summer and we had so much fun checking them off. Well almost all of them.
ü Go on a hike.
This was hands down one of my favorite summer days. Such a fun adventure with the girls.
I bought a fake snake and lizard for the girls to throw at Bob during our hike. Of course he didn't skip a beat but the girls loved it! I love that I caught this pic of Ella throwing her snake and McKenna making her approach with the lizard hiding behind her back.
ü Treasure hunt.
To turn the hike into a treasure hunt I made the girls these boxes to carry in their backpacks. They had so much fun with it! Throughout the day they would find stuff that matched up with the description. At the end of the day, they each received a little goodie bag (aka treasure) for filling their box.
ü Sell lemonade.
IMG_7782 - Version 2
ü Breakfast for dinner.
One of our all time faves and it happened more than once. Just turns out I never got a picture of it.
ü Game night.
McKenna for the win in Princess dominos.
ü Tie Dye.
This was so fun (and messy)! We did this when Ella's friend Maggie spent the night. I bought a tie dye kit from walmart and the girls had so much fun doing it. I watched a youtube video on how to make a heart in the middle and it was actually pretty simple and turned out so cool!
The girls wanted to add BFF in their hearts.
ü Build a fort.
This happened with the best of friends in Midland.
ü Picnic.
I love picnics with my girls. This one was especially fun because I taught them how to play fortune teller and it was hilarious. I think McKenna is going to be a bus driver with a pet elephant when she grows up.
ü Fireworks.
We not only saw fireworks on the 4th but Ella even got to help Jake shoot some off.
ü Golf.
Played with the uncles and cousins.
ü Water park.
We went to the water park but never got a picture. This one will have to do. I love the action shoot of Bob at the twins party.
ü Library.
We love a good trip to the library. McKenna loves reading her books to her baby dolls.
ü Eat at food truck.
ü Thinkery.
Food truck meal and Thinkery was a double check off day. We had a blast at the Thinkery children's museum in Austin and then enjoyed some yummy food.
ü Frosti Cones.
ü Movie night.
This was one of my favorite nights. I'm pretty sure it will be one of those memories that Ella will always remember too. After Bob and I put the girls to bed one night, I snuck in after they fell asleep and got Ella up. I told her we were going to a late night movie while Dad and McKenna stayed home sleeping. That kid was in heaven. McKenna is not really a movie watcher and Maleficent would have been too intense for her. Ella and I loved it! It was such a fun and special time for us.
ü Kids plan dinner.
ü Date night with mom.
ü Farmers market.
ü Cookout.
ü Obstacle course.
We checked these two off at Dignan's birthday party. Grilled some hot dogs and set up a dog obstacle course.
ü Cookies for friends.
ü Go to mall.
ü Slip n slide.
ü Make firefly jars.
ü Play in sprinklers.
ü Feed the ducks.
ü Wash the car.
ü Go fishing.
ü Craft night.
Day or night, we are most likely crafting in this house.
ü Sleep in a tent.
ü Plant flowers.

We have a short list of the ones we never got to but will someday soon! Drive-in movie, zoo, bowling, make ice cream and water ballon fight. We will defiantly be doing this again next summer, it was so much fun. Maybe even a winter break check list...