It's a Shorrrrt December...

Oh Counting Crows reference.  
The 90s are back, anyway right?
What am I saying. Of course they are.  My Facebook feed, just this week was full of people coveting and/or buying Doc Martins and Keds.
The two most opposite of the 90s shoes by the way.  One much too light to last and the other will never die thanks alone to its steal toes.
And that has nothing to do with anything.
But this is how my brain has been the entire nov/dec months.  It's like a car wash in there.  Stuff is being washed away just as I think of it and then put on another side of my brain. Then, even though at the end it should be clean, its just more muttled and cloudy than when I started the day.  How is that for a metaphor.
Back to whatever I was going to say before I said anything.
We have had a great December so far but it is going much too fast.  Too fast to get presents and have christmas parties and too fast because I will have a one year old at the end of it.  Just can not wrap my head around that one. 
Speaking of one year olds,
new carseat
We went ahead and turned this kid around.
We thought like all parents do, that seeing us would lead to incredible excitement and peace in the car, but of course it has only made her more mad that she can see us and we won't let her out or look at her the entire drive.  She is a mess.
me and dylan
It was also my birthday and I loved it like I do every year.  Just the best.  And linds got me the awesome scarf and let me hold this angel as long as I wanted.  Heaven.
I have truly failed my kids as a mom this year.
We dont have a tree yet and this is the only santa we have seen.  Santa Claus did actually come to our town in the form of a parade and it was so much fun.  The parade was amazing and he threw snow-until he got to us and he ran out.  And then I begged them to go talk to him after the parade and they just wanted to go home.
But it was magical while it lasted.
And we got a group pic (jeff was working.)
We also went down to Tyler for Hilltop Get's Lit.  It was so much fun seeing everyone and everyone was wearing the shirts I had made in the past and it literally made me want to cry.  I love that crew so much.
blurry, but documented.
The kids were adorable and have the whole routine down.  It was just so much fun.  It gets better every year.
We didnt get to see Brooke and Will because we were in and out, but they did come in town for our friend Ryan's bday and we forgot to take a pic.  But I LOVE YOU GUYS!! And thank y'all for letting us crash your lunch!
We have been making a lot of sweatshirts and it has been so much fun.  I seriously love it so much.
Thank you guys so much for being so supportive!!
And I have had a lot of help.
We went to Sams to get a table to work on (that jeff spent his entire off day on that ended up being too tall.  wa wa) and we barely fit on the way home...
Luckily Jeff had a lot of help putting it together.
She was more the morale booster than the actual help.
I guess that about covers it.  Shea is almost one and I have absolutely nothing for her birthday except holiday decor that is already up (minus the tree).
I hope I can pull it together before everyone comes over and I dont even have a cake, because that is how its looking as of now...
December, please slow down!


Sweatshirt Sale!

All sweatshirts are $10 off (of everything we have left) until Jan 1, so go getchyourself the worlds softest sweatshirt!
Thank y'all again for ordering and being so supportive!!



We recently were contacted by Heather.  Heather wrote an email telling us about how she was diagnosed with mesothelioma and given 15 months to live- right after she had just had her first baby.  Just heart wrenching.
Here is her story in her own words-

My name is Heather Von St. James and I was hoping I could take a moment of your time to share my rare story of survival with you. 9 years ago, right before the holidays, I was diagnosed with malignant pleural mesothelioma -- a rare cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. If a cancer diagnosis wasn't enough of a battle to take on, just 3 months earlier I welcomed my daughter Lily into the world. As a new mom I was not going to let anything get in the way of seeing my daughter grow up. After the removal of my left lung and various treatments, I am cancer free! But, I have made it my mission to give a voice to the victims of this preventable disease. 

This winter, I am using my borrowed time to share my story in hopes to keep others safe. It would mean the world to me if you'd be willing to lend your voice to help me in the fight against this terrible disease. You can read about my story here:
You can also read more about her at 

She is clearly such an incredible woman who is using her time to help others and to inform the world about this often deadly disease.
Thank you Heather for sharing your story with us and letting us share it with others!


The Best Thanksgiving Ever

Ok, maybe not ever, but in a long time.
Just loved loved everything about it.
I mean look at these faces.
Who could not love spending a week with them??
My sister in law and brother in law came in town from Colorado with their kids and it was just like on the family stone (before sarah jessica parker gets there) and everyone is hugging and so excited to see each other and you feel like they have never been apart for even a second.  And it stayed like that for the entire time they were here and the kids were literally in a bad mood if they were not all together.
We ate thanksgiving dinner on Sunday with the whole fixins and it was delicious.  I will be honest here and say that I do not like very much of thanksgiving food (Its all the same color.  what is with that) But I know enough to know when food is good even if its not my cup of tea.  And what I do like of it, it was delicious.  Jan and Sarah are artists in the kitchen. I just tried to hold babies wherever they would let me.
And I got to be in the family picture this year.
So that is what I call winning.
DSC_3072 - Version 2
Then I went to see my Grandmother who has Alzheimer's and my aunt and cousins and their kids went too.  It was so so wonderful to see her.  She is the kindest and most loving person I have ever been around and she is the same way even though her brain betrays her.
My cousins wives are so beautiful and their kids are so cute.  I didn't get to see my cousins like we have done in the past over thanksgiving, but it was so nice to see their families.
I mean look at these babies. Killin it.
Patrick and Shannon came over for a little game night later in the week and Avery led the kids in victory in 'beat the parents'.  They make the kid questions way too easy, if you ask me.
There was park time,
Look at that hair blowing in the wind, shea shea.  She is practically repunzel!
And went to the game with my family like we always do.
Then on Saturday we all went to my parents for some tree decorating.
Just had the best time with my family.
We put up our Christmas decor and that was pretty exciting.  Jan got me real garland this year and so everything smells like pine and sap and Christmas everywhere.
We made some salt ornaments for our tree, that we don't have yet.
But we will cut it down soon.  The trees that we cut down are always a little small and not very pretty, but its about the tradition you know.  We cant give in to the wal mart lot even though those trees are so big and tempting.  We must stay strong.
Oh then we got our jommies from mendy (mendykaydesigns) and they are SO CUTE I AM DYING!  We couldn't even wait until December to break them out.
That about covers it.
Just loved loved every second of this break.  Every bit of family time was better than expected and I just couldn't be more thankful for them.
Here's to Christmas guys!!



Happy Black Friday y'all!
Just wanted to let y'all know that if y'all go buy this weekend, and use the code CELEBRATESALE, you can get 20% off anything in the shop!
Thank y'all so much for all your support and for just being there with us through the whole thing.  Hope you guys had a great thanksgiving and have a relaxing rest of the break!