Duck feeding, fishing and friends

This kid has been doing a lot of fishing.

Shea and Sass and I did a lot of duck feeding.  And shea's hair is taking it to new levels.  Light socket hair is the new mermaid hair.
And we love a good DQ run after the park.

Uncle Jon and Aunt Linda are always so so gracious to let Jeff and Ben go out and fish anytime they want and they absolutely love every minute of it.
They brought Daniel this time and caught a boat load.

And then ate them all!
Jeff is really honing his cooking skills lately.  He has all kinds of recipes in his brain that he is finally creating.  Unfortunately for the non pescatarians, it is mostly fish.  I am getting better at some of it. I really am going to have to give in.  Its not that I hate it...its just the texture. I dont know. I do love how Jeff and ben love catching and eating them though.  

Faith Bible Softball is now award winning.
They came in second and we have the trophy to prove it! 
Speaking of Faith Bible,
 We put up the new mission statement up on the wall! 
Lets just say, I was not the biggest help.  My cutting in abilities are not award winning.
I did design it though. SO there is that.
Shea also got the princess bath toys that Kai had on vacation and she loves them.  I Didn't know she would be so into princess stuff, but she is so cute with them.  She tells me all about them and knows all of their names.  Its so sweet.
And heres a photo of avery in case anyone is worried she isn't in our family anymore.
We love you summer. Stay forever.


Halbert Barstad Beach Club

We went to Florida for the first time as a big family and it was phenomenal.

We alternated between the beach and pool, over and over, all day every day.

And it was so perfect.

Shea was off and on about which one she liked best. But she obviously loved taking lots and lots of photos.


Avery went to Camp

Avery went to Camp Ozark with Mary for her first over night camp this year.

I did cry for a while when we first got there, but I held myself together so she didnt see me.
And her counselors seemed so nice and the place was so nice. I knew she would have a blast and she was so excited to go with Mary.  Becca walked us through everything and that was life saving. 
I am so bad at organization and being pro active.
SO we said good bye and I cried again when I got home and saw her clothes that I needed to wash.
Its so crazy how much you get used to being together that when you are missing a part, you feel so lonely.
While Aves was gone we kept ourselves pretty busy with lemonade stands,

and water balloon fights and sno cones with tiff and her kids.
And we went to the pool pretty much every day.

 And did our nails.
Non stop partying that was so much fun, but we still missed aves so much.
Then on friday we packed in the car to go to Arkansas to spend the night up there and get up early saturday to pick her up!

Shea was clearly the most emotional about having Avery back.
She was pretty much mimicking my emotions that I had to hold together since I was the mom.
I appreciate that Shea.
Then we went tubing with the Master's on our way back to Texas on Saturday and it was SO MUCH FUN.

Then we kept the party going and slept at Jan and Bobs lake house that night and it was just the best ending to such a stretching and fun week.

Avery had a blast. She did get a little homesick and isnt quite sure she wants to go back next year.
But she had so much fun with Mary and doing all of the things at camp and I am so thankful for this experience and for getting to do it with the Masters.
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