In Person Learning is back! Praise the LORD.

Avery has to be there at 7:30, so she didnt get a pic with everyone.  In spite of hardly knowing anyone  at her new school, she has told me that she would rather be there than homeschooled 😂.
So, off to 9th grade she goes.

Mask on, mask off.

Everyone was literally jumping for joy to get to go back to school. 
I was so excited for them to go and thought I would love to be home and be by myself, but truth be told I cried at every drop off and missed them all day.  I thought I would get so much done, but I really just putzed around all day waiting for them to come home.

Also, Aves got her braces off 😄
And after crying to Jeff and being a complete emotional wreck many times throughout the pandemic, I convinced Jeff that I needed a trampoline for therapy. 
We alllllll use it for therapy now.
Burk's theme for this year is Trolls world tour and all of the grades are a different type of troll.  Shea is the country troll for first grade and Maggie (and Evelyn) are opera trolls in kindergarten.  Shea got eagle leader of the month for September and Mags got the principals award!

 It was all so different this year and I cried while they sang the school song watching the principals on the tv for good morning burks, but the teachers made the best of it that they could and all the kids still had a great time.  I miss us all being together at school, but I am still so thankful that they are able to at least go and be in the building.
Cant wait for this damn pandemic to over.


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