Christmas recap

I can't believe Christmas has already come and gone. It always goes by too fast. 
I love thinking back on how much fun everything was. Probably not as fun for y'all to read about but I just like to write it down here so I will always remember. This is a lot of Christmas happenings that I never got around to blogging this month so get ready for a lot of randomness.

We had fun painting ornaments with friends,
wearing some Christmas pjs to school,
and passing out Christmas gifts. 
I copied my friend Suni on the teacher gift idea which originally came from the fabulous Our Best Bites. Socks, nail polish and a starbucks gift card. The printable is free from their website.
 Ella had a school Christmas program and watching her sing songs on stage made me smile so big my eyes water.  McKenna's class wasn't in the program but I can't wait to see what she does next year! 
We had fun decorating cookies with friends,
more than once.
DSC_0265 (640x427)DSC_0285 (640x427)
We drove through this really cool Nature in Lights and the girls loved it! It was five and a half miles of lights. In the middle of all the lights was a Santa's Village where you could get out and go in if you wanted. It was mostly little booths of people selling crafts but in the middle of the room was two open mics. Anyone could sing on them and my girls weren't shy. 
We had our Christmas on the 19th this year because of Bob's crazy schedule and us traveling. We made sure to write Santa a letter to let him know and Fancy our elf helped tell him too:)
Bob read The Christmas Story the night before and we left Santa some milk and Smore bar.
The girls were thrilled to see what Santa left them! Dignan didn't seem to be bothered by a jolly old man coming down the chimney.
The next day we headed to Bob's parents house for lots of Christmas celebrations. Booth family game night is always a favorite of mine and Bob and I won this year! This was the few days before my sister was getting engaged so we set up the photo back drop for a practice round with everyone. I ended up adding more dots before the engagement party so the practice round was very useful and made for some fantastic pictures!
Christmas with all the cousins was a whirlwind of paper flying and kids squealing with excitement. We even tried to go one at a time but it was still a blur.
Dawn and Billy got all the girls roller blades and McKenna a scooter. Within a matter of minutes we had our own roller derby team lined up and ready. 
It was pretty entertaining watching all the girls attempt to skate.
Next we headed to my parents house for more Christmas. We went to see Mamaw and then went to a candle light church service.
Christmas Eve night was full of lots of stripes and laughs. Two of my most favorite things is stripes and matching so you can imagine my excitement for our Christmas pjs this year! (pjs are from here)
We always open one gift on Christmas Eve and this years gift was so fun! It was the hand held phone that you can hook up to your iPhone. As we opened them my mom made sure to tell us that they help save brain cells:)
As you can see, Bob is already gaining brain cells.
Christmas morning went by way too fast. The weather started to get bad so we had to pack up right after we opened gifts to head back home. It ended up snowing and we were so sad that we missed the white Christmas.
We had so much stuff to bring back home. My mom and I had already decided she would just drive down sometime next week with another load. One of my husbands many talents is packing a car. It's kind of unreal. He is like a tetris genius and somehow he made everything fit. We couldn't believe it.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! 


Oh Happy Day!

My little sister is engaged! Ahhhh!
 I am just over the moon excited for her and I was so so happy to be apart of the special proposal day. 
It happened on Sunday. Tyler had all of Anna's close friends and family come to his parents house for a brunch celebration. He pulled up to the house and proposed in the driveway so we all got to watch through the window! 
It was so so sweet and she was so surprised! 
Tyler told me before hand that if I wanted to do anything crafty I could. Oh Tyler. Those words are like music to my ears. I was so excited to be handed over the crafty project! I didn't want to plan something where I would have to pin holes in his parents walls or anything. It was hard planning decor in a house I didn't know so I decided to focus on party favors and a photo backdrop.
For the favors I ordered these black ring holders from here and put a ring pop in each one. I made a label and printed it off on sticker paper to put behind the ring pop.
Bob helped make my photo back drop come to life and I love how it turned out. I bought out the silver glitter paper from two different hobby lobbys and just traced circles on all the silver and black paper. I laid all the circles out on the floor and taped them together. Bob built the base out of pvc pipes and then we attached a white queen sized sheet to it. I just taped the dots on top of the sheet and wa-la! 
I made the photo props with plywood and painted them with chalkboard paint.
McKenna even wrote her own message to Anna.
I love you so much Anna and Tyler and I'm so excited for y'all! 
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