Oh Happy Day!

My little sister is engaged! Ahhhh!
 I am just over the moon excited for her and I was so so happy to be apart of the special proposal day. 
It happened on Sunday. Tyler had all of Anna's close friends and family come to his parents house for a brunch celebration. He pulled up to the house and proposed in the driveway so we all got to watch through the window! 
It was so so sweet and she was so surprised! 
Tyler told me before hand that if I wanted to do anything crafty I could. Oh Tyler. Those words are like music to my ears. I was so excited to be handed over the crafty project! I didn't want to plan something where I would have to pin holes in his parents walls or anything. It was hard planning decor in a house I didn't know so I decided to focus on party favors and a photo backdrop.
For the favors I ordered these black ring holders from here and put a ring pop in each one. I made a label and printed it off on sticker paper to put behind the ring pop.
Bob helped make my photo back drop come to life and I love how it turned out. I bought out the silver glitter paper from two different hobby lobbys and just traced circles on all the silver and black paper. I laid all the circles out on the floor and taped them together. Bob built the base out of pvc pipes and then we attached a white queen sized sheet to it. I just taped the dots on top of the sheet and wa-la! 
I made the photo props with plywood and painted them with chalkboard paint.
McKenna even wrote her own message to Anna.
I love you so much Anna and Tyler and I'm so excited for y'all! 


Misty said...

LOVE THIS! My sister in law just got engaged a few months ago & I have had so much fun looking at wedding planning stuff all over again :) Did you tell Anna to wear that silver jacket to match the circles? :) I just love it all. Congratulations to them!! I just love love :)

Misty said...

I can't get to my email for some reason, but your sister and my sis in law would be bffs if they knew each other! My sis in laws 'something blue' is blue vans!!!

Leslie said...

So great Allison!!! Congrats to your beautiful sister!! MIss you sweet girl!

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