It's the Most Wonderful Time...

Per our usual tradition, we went to cut down our tree again this year. 
I had grand ideas about us taking the camera and getting a family pic nestled in the trees with the smell of pine needles practically coming off of the christmas cards we would send.  It was getting exciting.
I laid out our clothes and we loaded up in jeffs truck.  I quickly noticed that Avery had put on her big black motorcycle boots, covered her hands with crazy socks and layered crazy sweaters on top of her clothes.  sigh.  And I tried to braid my hair into a crown (that I saw on revenge!), because copying something from a tv show, always comes out just as you want it to...
Oh well,  we wear weird clothes and hair.  I guess we should just be who we are...
So, we got to the tree farm and ran around all the trees, just loving our lives.
We found a few that we liked.
Once we decided to set up the camera, we realized very quickly (a little too late) that the batteries were dead.
Luckily we found a tree in spite of my inability to prepare anything that day very well.
We got out all the ornaments and the lights and went to town.
This kid found all of the animals and was loving his life.  Glittery and pink?  Doesnt matter.  They are still animals.
We also decorated their little tree.
I found avery and ben playing with the tree after we were done. I dont think I could love the holidays anymore than I did watching her set up camp under the tree and ben steal the armadillo ornament for himself.
We tried again to take a family pic a few days later on the porch and it went so well that I made it into a pretend card...
So, needless to say, we are going to keep trying....


Brandi said...

Love all the pics! Cute ornaments and that huge B on your mantle...I want!! CA UTE!!!

Casey said...

I've been reading awhile but never commented. Sweet Sassy's face is looking more oval and grown up. She's moving away from that sweet round baby face! The kiddos are growing up so fast! You have a beautiful family, Kristen, and I enjoy reading along!

Unknown said...

Which tree farm do you go to?

Carrie said...

That pretend card... I am dying. Perfect.

Misty said...

Ben's face with those glitter ornaments just makes me smile!! What a gorgeous family! every single one of you :) LOVE that pretend card :) I'd probably send it out anyway! so cute.

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