oh Santa...

I love a Santa pic. Smile or no smile, I love them all. Ella was always star struck by Santa and wanted to see him so much that the mall Santa knew us by name in Lubbock. McKenna feels the exact opposite. She doesn't mind Santa from a distance. She will even smile and wave but the second she sits on his lap, she loses it. Screams for her life. Here is our Santa pic we took last week. It looks very similar to last years picture.

Last weekend was SO wonderful! I got to spend the whole weekend with Brittany, Amy and Cooper! It was a dream. We all stayed at my parents house and just took it easy.
We played outside a lot, 
fed the ducks,
went to Gaylord Ice, (and froze!)
fell in love,
(and maybe Cooper even tried to propose?!)
and even found another Santa to take a picture with!   
Cooper and McKenna share a love for Santa, they are obviously soul mates:)
Thanks for the amazing pics Brittany!


Carrie said...

I love all of these pics! Kenna in the shades inside and Cooper proposing?! Haha!

jojo said...

oh my goodness!! A match made in heaven! That is priceless!!

Misty said...

CUTE!! Love their little kiss pics :) That will be precious in their wedding slideshow :)

AK hates life when we go near Santa's house.... Masyn visits about 4 times a week... I love the crying screaming pics though. too cute!

I wanted to go to the Gaylord this December! It was on my list :/ My husband started a new job & things have been so so crazy around here. We will definitely make it next year though. Was it just so much fun? I am taking the girls to Branson next week for a few days and we are meeting my aunt, uncle & cousins. Have you guys ever been there? We love it :)

Brittany Strebeck said...

it just makes me so happy. we sure love making memories with you guys!!

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