Thank you guys so so much for the birthday wishes this weekend.  I had no idea that was coming (because al totally cheated and did a birthday post) and it was just the best surprise EVER!  Getting email after email of yalls encouragement and sweet bday wishes was just the best.  Thank yall SO MUCH for being so kind and supportive and encouraging.  It just means so much.
The day started off with church and then, unbeknownst to me, brooke and will were cooking chicken and waffles for me at the house and when I got home they surprised me with the homemade breakfast.  It was AMAZING.  Amazing. She bought a waffle maker just for the event.  Just so thoughtful.  They also brought over a whole basket of goodies and an amazing necklace that I put on immediately.  After they left, Ben looked out the window and said, "Isla's here!" and I couldnt believe it.  Jennifer and Joe just drove in for the afternoon.  So thoughtful.  Made my already amazing day.
Earlier that week Julie had sent me this scarf that she MADE.
Seriously a work of art.  Blows my mind that she did this.  I love moose and she just found a pattern and created this incredible scarf.  I also got a homemade scarf from Ashley when we went down for Julies birthday on saturday.
  It is also amazing and just so incredibly thoughtful.
I have said it before and I will say it again (possibly an annoying amount of times), I have the best friends in the world and I just can not get over it. Jeff also put lights up while we were gone, so I came home to completely lit and decorated house.  Dream. Life. People.
Between the constant texts I got all day, facebook, your comments and the people in my life, I just had the best birthday ever.
And last night I got to finish it off with a girls night with my residency girls.  We have a birthday basket that we fill up for everyone and pass around and mine was full of amazingness.  Bracelets, candy, dark chocolate peanut butter (ahhhh!), pretzel chips and more.  We laughed and laughed all night long.  SO much fun.
Thank you so so much. Here we go 31.

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Carrie said...

Happy 3-1 Kristen!! You are one of those people we all hate because you get more and more beautiful! For real.

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