Hilltop Gets Lit

Every year our street gets together and lights luminaries that we put all down our street and around the corner. This year we even had shirts (Surprise!!).  Everyone wanted the phrase "hilltop gets lit" because, hello, we are lighting up the street.  They were even up for it when I threw out the idea of doing green, red and white shirts.  I love this street.
We decided to really live it up this year and also added a progressive dinner.  We went from house to house eating and walking and it was so. much. fun.  Ahhh.  I loved it.
Here are some of my neighbors modeling our shirts and looking adorable, like always.
We just have the best street ever.  Are yall tired of me saying that over and over?  I just cant stop.  It is just so fun and everyone loves each other.  and we may have to leave...ugh.  (tears streaming down my face.  I do so well with change.)
And I was just so excited to walk back into this house after all the fun we could have had been had.
I love you hilltop and will literally never forget the memories that we created and I have just loved every second of living here.
Thank you.

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Misty said...

I love this tradition & those shirts are awesome. What sweet memories for your kids & a great tradition to have. God Bless you guys this Christmas season! <3

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