Paper Trees and Teacher Gifts

After seeing my mother in law and her crafty friend Nan's amazing crafts that they did this weekend on one of their many craftapaloozas, I decided to try to copy them.  They made these adorable paper trees out of old books and they were fantastic.
Mine, not so much.  But we had fun making them.
I found a styrofoam ball that I had and cut it in half and wrapped it in yarn. Then I glued cardboard to the bottom of it and stuck a dow rod in the top.  After I hot glued that in, I started cutting tons of circles out of a terrible book that I couldn't ever finish.
I just stabbed the paper through the rod as I went, using the bigger ones first.  I wish I had made bigger circles because it grows so gradually.  I also put a couple of pieces of cardboard randomly as I went, to make it bulkier.
Then we glittered some stars that were originally gold.  That was not our best job, but glitter is always a big hit.
For the christmas teacher gift, I just stuffed mason jars with puppy chow and smores bars (in case someone has a peanut allergy) and threw in a little gift card.
Hobby lobby had all christmas stuff 50% off and I saw the moose punch, which I had to get, of course.
I feel like my brain is already on christmas break and we have two weeks to go...


christiejayne said...

I'm a teacher and my brain is on vacation and we're two weeks out as well! Good thing I'm part time ;) And your kiddos teachers are lucky, great gift!

Summer Daniels said...
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