craft for the patient ones

I saw this idea on pinterest and thought it looked cool. The only down side is that it takes kind of forever for the end result. 
Take some pipe cleaners and shape them into whatever your heart desires. 
Then fill a mason jar with boiling water and stir in 1/2 cup of borax. Take a piece of string and tie onto your pipe cleaner like an ornament. Hang the ornament from a pencil so that it is fully covered in water/borox mix. (sorry for blurry pic)
The original post I saw about this said that over night it would be done. Ours took about two nights. Maybe my water borax mix was off or something. Anyways, they look like this after a couple of days in the water. 
Pretty cool, huh?!

1 comment:

The Savage's said...

It worked! I love the heart one, it's my favorite! :)

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