Santa and some reindeer

What seems like forever ago, we went to see santa.  Sassy would not have it.  I had to trick the older ones into telling them they could just talk to him and not have to take a pic.  I thought maybe I could get a candid shot of them talking to him from the photographer, but then they just got in his lap and smiled. I think they like the guy.  Sassy wouldnt even wade over into his vicinity, though.  She is pretty shy all the time, though, so I wasnt really expecting her to hop on.
I made them cheesy shirts to wear and they were super great at being up for it.
Ben's even had glitter.  I know, I know.  But the girls had glitter and I just couldnt stop myself.
After making the girls ones with long sleeves, sassy told me she wanted a short sleeved one.
So, now she has two...
I guess winter is pretty hard to peg over here.  Short sleeves or long sleeves- you just never know.

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