just throwing this out there

i just read this quote on a cup of jo, a fantastic blog and thought it was worth sharing.

"I must learn to love the fool in me- the one who feels too much, talks too much, takes too many chances, wins sometimes and loses often, lacks self-control, loves and hates, hurts and gets hurt, promises and breaks promises, laughs and cries.  It alone protects me against that utterly self-controlled, masterful tyrant whom I also harbor and who would rob me of human aliveness, humility, and dignity but for my fool."
Theodore I. Rubin, MD


Good Day Sunshine

It was a beautiful day in Lubbock today!  All the kids loved playing outside in the sunshine. Here is a little video of everyone playing in the water. So fun!!!


girls girls girls

a few pics of sassy in my new headband from anthro and ella lookin' super cute

the first big move

ben crawled today!! yea!! he is almost 10 months old and that may seem really late but because he and sass were 7 weeks early then they can be considered 7 weeks behind until they are two (some may catch up faster but mine seem to be the more relaxed type).  plus my children are not the most jump-out-there-and-try-new-things kind of kids...they tend to be very cautious...aves didnt walk til she was 14 months old...but, needless to say, we are so proud and excited for him (even if he took a lot longer than most).  here is a little clip of his first day on all fours.


as long as we got each other

here are just a few pics of some really important people

it's a sunshine day

it's been sunny lately so sawyer wanted to model her shades


Ella's 1st Birthday Party in Candyland!

We had been planning Ella's 1st birthday party for some time now and just can't believe it is already over! The party was a hit and so so much fun! Everything turned out perfect and we had so much fun with family and friends.
It all started with these fabulous invites from funandsassydesigns.
Picnik collage
The lollipops is what took me the longest to make for this party. I cut out circles from thick insulation board I bought at Lowes. I then painted each one with a different design, sprinkled them with glitter, wrapped them in cellophane and then stuck a dowel rod in them.
I made the walkway using big sheets of card stock that I bought at a teacher supply store. I got them all laminated and then just duck taped them together from underneath.
Picnik collage
I bought foam letters at Michael's craft store and painted them to look like the letters on the board game Candyland.
I bought the pink take home boxes at a candy store and ordered the stickers from ebay.
I hot glued skittles onto cardboard letters and wooden picture frames I bought from Hobby Lobby.
I loved all the candy t-shirts that everyone wore to the party. I ordered them from sweetnsourtees.
Picnik collage
It was such a fun party to plan and have! 


old friends


and while jeff was babysitting kids i was having the time of my life with friends from college...i feel so old!  i cant believe college was so long ago...anyway, i took the ol' polaroid and everyone thought i was kind of weird but i took tons of pics and left them with everybody.  unfortunately i am missing some fantastic pics of my friends from a&m.  so here is the only one that came home with me.  kelly and jen (my loves) taking me to the airport to go home.  and i just found the pic at the top from kelly.  some of my very fav aggies...time goes so fast when youre having fun (sigh)

new hobbies

so i kind of decided, really randomly, that I wanted to start taking Polaroids...i pretty much decided this at a terrible time because Polaroid cameras are not being made anymore.  such a bummer.  i started looking on ebay and found this fantastic 680 slr that is fantastic and i love it.  its kind of older and i dont know exactly how to use it yet but i am so excited about it.  jeff is so great about all my little phases like this and loves it too...love him.  so here is a pic of the fantastic camera.

gone camping

i went to see some friends this weekend and jeff kept the kids and decided they needed to enjoy the randomly beautiful weather that lubbock has been having.  he's hilarious!  he sent me picks of all the kids in a tent that he set up in the backyard (sawyer must have been asleep while he took the pics) but he cracks me up!  he always has something random and fun for them to do.  i really need to step up my game.

babies lately

Here are some pics of the babies lately...
sawyer in her highchair eating;
 ella rockin' the sunglasses and flower clip;
 ben put his arms around sawyer while they were watching tv and it was so cute!
ben and avery 

here is a little video of avery and ben laying around....


let me introduce the crew

the twins are 9 months old.  ben is the boy and he is a little bit older and sawyer is the girl.  ben is always contemplative and a little bit worried and sawyer (sassy or any variation of that) is much more laid back and easy going.  so so fun, but definitely a surprise.

avery (munchkin, etc) is my oldest and she just turned 3.  she loves all things girly, princess and dora...you know, the usual.  she is fantastic. love her.

baby ella is allison's one and only.  she is almost 1!!!  (and we have a fabulous party in the works) she is an absolute angel.  she never, ever cries; is always happy, fun, energetic and so so sweet.  


a few of our favorite things...

fun craft projects. 
fresh highlights. 
party planning. 
trying to get on ellen. 
new recipes. 
going to the park. 
flip videos. 
trying to find background music for the flip videos. 
great hole-in-the-wall restaurants. 
clay cafe.
slide breakfast house.
choreographed dances of any kind.  
hair adventures. 
swimming with our kids. 
mom groups.
the bachelor.
hobby lobby.
old navy.
making blurb books.
home cafe.
silver sage (paint color from restoration hardware)
bless your heart.
food network.
antique shops.
jumpin' jungle.
budlight lime.
taking life easy.
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