Nothing but boring what-we-have-been-doings

We went to the park this morning.
and sass thought she was a monkey.
and then got her feelings hurt.  i don't remember why...
Then we played with play dough.
stacked playdough
sass rollin
ben cheesy
ben playdough trophy
jeff and ben
avery rolling playdough
Then I realized that I have picked up and dropped avery in this shirt for the last week...I feel like the other moms might worry that I don't shower and I sleep in clothes and keep wearing them for days...ok, so thats maybe the truth.  But I feel like I should at least have them fooled for the first semester. eh.  I am still wearing it and about to sleep in it again.  I guess everyone will have to see it for at least one more day...
And I just wanted to say happy late anniversary to Jeffrey Paul.  We passed the seven year itch.  Hopefully the eighth year will be the best so far.
J&K fishin vintage
Love you Jeff.  Thanks for always being so supportive and believing in me when I don't always believe in myself.  You're such a kind and genuinely peaceful, confident person.  I am always drawn to you and your strength.  Can't wait to see what the next 77 years will be like.


back to school time!

Ella's school started a week behind Aves, Ben and Sassy so today was her first day!
I made english muffin breakfast pizza this morning thinking Ella would be thrilled but she actually didn't even take a bite. So hers just sat in front of her as she watched her morning ritual of Saved by the Bell and I ate the other 3! Sometimes she is not a big breakfast eater.
When we had meet the teacher last week Ella's teacher mentioned how she was a very clean, no germ kind of teacher. (great quality in a pre-k teacher if you ask me) There isn't a sink in the classroom so she talked about how she was going to be using hand sanitizer a lot. So when I saw this idea on pinterest I thought it would be absolutely perfect for Ella to give her teacher today. I bought a giant bottle of hand sanitizer, peeled the labels off, used WD40 to get the sticky mess off and then used my silhouette to cute out the apple and name. I used adhesive vinyl for this and it was so easy. 
And of course this is the best picture I got of Ella this morning. 
After we dropped big sister off, Kenna and I strolled around Target for a while. 
We can't wait to pick Ella up and hear all about her first day!



A writing
As you can see, we did some homework this weekend.
Jeff was working so we thought we would get to work too.
(well, avery did, and she made me help.)
We didn't always do it exactly right, but it was fun.  Who doesn't love a heart for a o????
pretty sass
messy workspace
aves cutting
Avery also made some money.
When I say "made", I mean it.
She colored and cut out money.
I don't know if she realizes that money doesn't grow on construction paper, but she loved it.
She had to change into different shorts that had more pockets so she could stuff more money in her shorts.
Then she told me to tell the lady at dinner that she was paying and I didn't have any money.
When Jeff got home Sunday she told him she bought dinner and was so proud of herself.
At least the girl is thoughtful.
Ben is thoughtful in another way- he thought about his duck the whole weekend.
It went everywhere with him.  He even had to take it in the bath with him before church.  And then lug that huge wet duck with him in the car and into church.
The kid was soaking wet and a mess, and you know the church people thought I was this crazy mom who gives her kids wet toys (that were not even meant to get wet ever) to play with and makes them carry them around!
oh well. Maybe I should wash the duck...
Hope you guys had a great weekend!


Lil' Back to School Update

I know y'all are on the edge of your seat, so I will just tell y'all, yes, we are back in school.  And, yes, we spent the second day of school at the Dr getting shots that I had somehow not given Avery.  So, I am def not mom of the year, but we are, so far, surviving the public school system.
It has been a super crazy week, but it has been a blast.
Wednesday we signed everyone up for gymnastics.  Avery had had a tough afternoon, was starving and was not in the mood.  
I wanted her to at least try it, because, you know, I force my kids to do stuff (i.e. soccer).  She finally came around to the idea after some food and when we took her she just lit up (the twins not so much.  They opted out of gymnastics).  It was so much fun to watch.  She was just a little smiling jumping bean.  She could not get the grin off of her face.  I don't have any pics, but I will post soon.  It was just so nice this year to see her loving school (after her long day on wednesday which I think may have been brought on by the dr the day before...momoftheyear) and loving gymnastics!
Outside of the twins room we saw this
Cute little owl and a real tree game winner.  So cute.
When we got avery's beautiful plastic backpack, ben wanted this one in real tree, which made his father beam with delight. 
(Sass was not in the mood to get a new backpack so she just kept the one she had.)
The twins and I went to happy hour after their school, which they are also loving. (happy hour and school)
I also saw the cutest hand prints at celeste's sister calli's house that I fell in love with.  They were perfect because they were just tiny cute little hands on the tiny canvas.  Gosh.  So I copied them.
I havent hung them up yet and they are so big and hilarious.  Not the idea that I envisioned, but I am so glad to have their hands documented anyway.
I will let y'all know when they are up.
Thanks Calli!! I am totally starting on the embroidery hoop today!


impromptu dollhouse makeover

For Ella's 3rd birthday our friend Celeste gave her this really cool dollhouse that was raw wood. Ella loves it! Yesterday morning it was the first thing she started playing with. I had just put Kenna down for her morning nap so I thought it would be fun to get out some non-Kenna friendly paint and spice up Ella's dollhouse. 
We got all the paint set up in mini cupcake holders and began the dollhouse makeover!
This was so fun to do with Ella and I loved seeing a little bit of her decor style. She loves stripes and polka dots just like her mama and a heart is the perfect finishing touch for her. She changed her mind on color a million times so there are many many layers of paint on the dollhouse:) 
During McKenna's second nap and after a ballerina outfit change for Ella, we decided to makeover the inside of the dollhouse.
We used some scrapbook paper and modge podge to cover the floors and wall.
Once the wallpaper was up and dry it still needed a little something. I thought it would be fun to frame photos and glue them to the wall but who has printed photos laying around these days?! So we flipped through an In Style magazine looking for people to frame. 
Ella is very good at remembering little details and recognizing her favorite tv stars. She was cracking me up as we looked though the magazine. One of the first pages we got to was a makeup ad with one of my favs Ellen Degeneres. Ella pointed to her and said "thats your favorite show mom." I do love to watch her show so we cut Ellen out to go in the dollhouse. The next person Ella recognized was Vanessa Hudgens or High School Musical as Ella calls her. Then she spotted Jennifer Aniston and got very excited. "Look mom it's Friends!" This is Brittany's favorite tv show so Ella has definitely seen a few episodes of Friends and who doesn't fall in love with Rachel after one episode?! Our last framed pic was the wonderful and talented Beyonce. Ella refers to her as "oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh." (single ladies is Ella's fav dance song)
So there you have it, Ella's extreme dollhouse makeover!


A Few Gifts

Sometimes we give great gifts, and sometimes we do gift cards (gift cards are our favorites). Sometimes we don't even do gifts.  So, sometimes we are your favorite friends and sometimes you may wonder why we are off the ball.  
Since Aly was turning 30 we wanted to do something to let her know how much we love her and are so thankful that she is the first one to step into our new age bracket :)
She is the most amazing sister in law to allison and such an incredible friend to me for so many years.  We would definitely not be the same moms, friends or people without her!! Thanks for always being so inspiring, encouraging and always pushing yourself further than you thought possible.  You are truly such a light and you teach people how to better themselves, just by watching you always want to be better.  Even though you are perfect just the way you are.
You are always striving to be a better mom, wife, friend, cook, be healthier, stronger, kinder and love God more and more.  It is truly such a blessing.  And you make everything in your life look like a blast and an effortless and joyful time.  You are contagious.
Happy 30th.
She is doing cross fit and looks AMAZING.
Just amazing. SO we got her some lulu lemon workout gear and a smoothie king gift card (so she can refuel after her hard workouts).  We wanted a little something more that was personal and my friend Julie came up with the best idea.  
We made her 30 water bottles with homemade personalized labels that told her different things we love about her and different memories we have with her.
Then I made a blanket for lindsay's baby shower that she is so sweet about.
It is not my favorite color scheme ( I know what you are thinking, didn't you make it?? Aren't you the one who created that color scheme, kristen?  YES.  I did.  They looked so good before I made it...anyway, Lindsay was so amazing about it and that is what matters).
Kristen's crocheted blanket
We can't wait for baby Ty!!! And Happy Birthday Aly!! We love you SO SO MUCH!! You make 30 look beautiful!!!



We are back! 
We have spent the last 10 days at my parents house while Bob was on a week of night float. We had a blast spending lots of time with family and friends! Here is a little recap and with some random pics of our week.
We started the week off with a cousin birthday party. I wish I had pics of all the kids and the cute winter themed party! Mira turned 12 and one of the things she asked for was a jar of gummie bears. Love a girl that puts candy on her wish list! I had so much fun filling mason jars with tons of gummie bears and I used my silhouette to make the labels on top.
 On Wednesday night my mom, sister and I took Ella to see Hairspray the musical. It was fantastic and Ella was just giddy! I wish I had pictures and video of Ella during the show but it wasn't allowed. Ella loves a musical and Hairspray has always been one of her favorite movies to watch. So when I saw that Casa Manana in ft. worth was showing Hairspray the musical I knew we had to go! 
 We were about 4 rows from the stage and Ella had an aisle seat. When the show started Ella was in awe. They started singing "good morning Baltimore" and Ella immediately turned to me and asked if she could go on stage and dance! When I told her she couldn't her eyes filled up with tears. She wanted to be apart of the show so bad! I told her she could dance in the aisle and she was happy with that. Every time they began to sing Ella would stand up and take her place in the aisle to dance. It was so cute. During the last song of the show one of the cast members came down and danced with Ella in the aisle! I wish I had a picture of Ella's face when it happened! She was in heaven. When the show was over I asked Ella what her favorite part was and she said "the girl in the red dress." The girl that came down to dance with her was wearing a red dress. I think we might have a broadway star on our hands:)
We swam a lot. Had a baby shower for Lindsay, and got some good Aunt Anna time.
Anna played hookie from work one day and we got crafty. Anna starts cosmetology school September 24th and is moving into an apartment this next week. She saw this cute calendar thing on pinterest that she wanted to have in her apartment. The one on pinterest was a calendar set up for meals but Anna wanted hers to be just a calendar for her week. We went to Lowes and bought a piece of plywood that was 5ft by 3ft. Anna wanted pink stripes in the background. The paint colors we used were Behrs pink chintz and springtime bloom. We started with the light pink and painted the whole board with that. Then we taped off 10 inch stripes and painted with the hot pink. 
Pulling the tape off is always the best part!
We then taped off 8 squares and painted them with chalkboard paint. Thats as far as we got with the project. Anna is going to stencil a saying at the top of the board and each day of the week inside each square. The 8th square will be for random notes. I can't wait to see the finished product hanging in her new apartment!
Ella and McKenna had some good sister time and McKenna mastered crawling! I don't even know what to do with myself! I never had to baby proof anything for Ella, she was never the baby who wanted to open every drawer or put everything in her mouth. Kenna is the opposite!
Picnik collage
We got home late Monday night and it was so good to see Bob. We missed him so much! McKenna must have missed Dignan too, she has been crawling over to him to lay on. So sweet!
Ella reached the cupcake line in her good girl jars last week so we made a giant cupcake yesterday to celebrate! 
Well we have been back home for two days now so I guess I should go start unpacking our bags...
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