Lil' Back to School Update

I know y'all are on the edge of your seat, so I will just tell y'all, yes, we are back in school.  And, yes, we spent the second day of school at the Dr getting shots that I had somehow not given Avery.  So, I am def not mom of the year, but we are, so far, surviving the public school system.
It has been a super crazy week, but it has been a blast.
Wednesday we signed everyone up for gymnastics.  Avery had had a tough afternoon, was starving and was not in the mood.  
I wanted her to at least try it, because, you know, I force my kids to do stuff (i.e. soccer).  She finally came around to the idea after some food and when we took her she just lit up (the twins not so much.  They opted out of gymnastics).  It was so much fun to watch.  She was just a little smiling jumping bean.  She could not get the grin off of her face.  I don't have any pics, but I will post soon.  It was just so nice this year to see her loving school (after her long day on wednesday which I think may have been brought on by the dr the day before...momoftheyear) and loving gymnastics!
Outside of the twins room we saw this
Cute little owl and a real tree game winner.  So cute.
When we got avery's beautiful plastic backpack, ben wanted this one in real tree, which made his father beam with delight. 
(Sass was not in the mood to get a new backpack so she just kept the one she had.)
The twins and I went to happy hour after their school, which they are also loving. (happy hour and school)
I also saw the cutest hand prints at celeste's sister calli's house that I fell in love with.  They were perfect because they were just tiny cute little hands on the tiny canvas.  Gosh.  So I copied them.
I havent hung them up yet and they are so big and hilarious.  Not the idea that I envisioned, but I am so glad to have their hands documented anyway.
I will let y'all know when they are up.
Thanks Calli!! I am totally starting on the embroidery hoop today!

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Camila said...

Love the pic of the kiddos in the bed! Presh! Also...owl backpack. Need it in my life. Maybe I should have a girl first. I am entering an owl obsession. Not sure what to make of it.

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