first try at a tri

this weekend my in laws and sister and brother in law came in town to do the lubbock triathlon (whoo hoo!).  Paul, my brother in law did the half iron man (that takes, like, forever) and jeff and my father in law, bob did the sprint (500 meter swim, 17 m bike and 3 m run).  my mother in law, jan and sister in law sarah and i were going to split the sprint into a relay (jan doing the swim, sarah the bike and me the run) but paul's wheel fell off during his bike ride and (fortunately) hers and sarah (being the best wife ever) gave him her wheel so he could carry on.  we girls ended up having to forfeit for the good of the team.  so i didnt get to run my first tri but overall it was a very fun weekend and we had fun as a fam...a few of sarah and paul's friends came over and we played with the kids on sat and that was a fabulous time.  great weekend.

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