Teacher Gifts

I do love a teacher gift. I spend way too much time over analyzing what to get them. I always want it to be special and something they will actually use. They do so much for my kids and I just appreciate teachers so much.
I decided to repeat the gift I made last year for Ella's teacher. It was so fun to make and seems to be a hit with the class and teacher. I take a Brown Bear Brown Bear book and put the children's faces on top of the ones in the book. I also but the teacher's face on the teacher page and change the wording to say the actual teachers name. I print all the pictures on sticker paper and then laminate the top of each one with packing tape. You really don't have to laminate them, I just think that it will hold up better that way. 
I also did the very popular pinterest teacher gift idea with the beach towel and magazine. Such a cute summer theme gift. I found these cute polka dot beach towels at Marshalls and then I heat pressed their name in the corner.
For the director and ADs, I gave them a Starbucks gift card. Kristen has recently introduced me to the wonderfulness of Chick-fil-a's chocolate chip cookies. They are amazing. So I put a cookie in these paper bags I found at hobby lobby and clipped the gift card on top. (Side note- if you ever do go get a cookie, make sure it is the plain chocolate chip ones. For some reason they gave me one with nuts yesterday and they were hard and not good.)
Happy end of the school year! Yay for summertime! 


The Savage's said...

Wow, I wish I was one of their teachers! Awesome gifts, Allison!

Misty said...

what sweet & thoughtful gifts! I am trying to figure out some ideas for my teacher friends in Moore... We are headed there Monday to pass out clothes & I'm clueless. I was thinking maybe a manicure in a jar like on pinterest. <3 the idea for the books!! There is a book drive going on here to help the teachers rebuild their classroom book collections. I think I may use your idea (shocker) with the book. (just not the class because I'm not sure how I would get copies of all of their students.) anyhow, when I have tried the avery sticker labels in the past, I can NOT seem to get them to actually print on the label itself-- or if it does... it doesn't fill the label... do you have any suggestions? I may be helpless lol

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