Bob and I celebrated our wedding anniversary yesterday. Did you know that the traditional gift for 9 years is pottery? I didn't until I looked it up a few days ago. I love any kind of theme so I jumped on pottery. We had already agreed to no gifts but I sure did wake up to a fantastic picnic basket with the sweetest note laying on top. That Bob is a keeper.
Did you know that the modern gift for 9 years is willow. As in a willow wood picnic basket?! Well turns out Bob didn't know either and it was just the biggest coincidence that he had gotten me a picnic basket for our anniversary. He loves a theme without even knowing it! The girls and I sure did enjoy it during lunch time. 
I wanted to make some pottery for Bob but there's no pottery making place where we live so I had to revert to DIY. I ended up buying a small package of this clay from Hobby Lobby that came in multi color. I had envisioned making a bowl or coffee mug, but the clay was so small that it ended up being a bowl for someone like Polly Pocket. Ella loved the clay and had so many great ideas. She is a pro at stealing all of Bob's pocket change so we decided on making him his own "Ella change" bowl. What ever change is in the money bowl is up for grabs for Ella. Everything else is off limits. We will see how this works out.
For dinner I made one of Bob's favorite, French Dip Sliders and Blue Cheese Wedge. Of course we couldn't eat dinner without watching our wedding video.
Dessert was everyone's favorite. Chocolate covered strawberries and mini chocolate carmel apples. I made 35 apples and there was 10 leftover. Enough said. 
After dinner Ella announced that she and McKenna were going to put on some music for Bob and I to dance. She said that they were going to make our anniversary special. I love her celebrate always outlook on life. The song she chose for us to have our special  dance to was "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the People. Love that kid.
My mom sent us the best surprise yesterday. It was two cigar boxes full of all the love letters Bob and I wrote each other while we dated. It was so fun going through them and seeing some old pictures. Love reminiscing.
I love you so much babe and can't wait for the next 9+ years.


Misty said...

Happy Anniversary!! We just celebrated 5 years & ours was our wooden anniversary. We live on the lake already, but since Lyndon has been working M-F {4 hours away} I rented a wood (not log ;) cabin for us - even if it was only 4 miles away ha! :) I wanted to go to the tree houses in Arkansas, but we didn't have time before he had to leave for work again... but it's definitely on our summer to do list :) I haven't even looked at what 6 years is... we celebrated our paper anniversary & cotton anniversary according to the theme also, so I guess 3 out of 5 isn't tooooo bad...

funny story- when my sis in law got engaged, I made them an engagement basket... I saw the ring dish on pinterest made out of clay... mine turned out not so well! I ended up using the rest of the clay for gift labels lol definitely not my strong point! LOVE LOVE that ella gets her own change bowl!

HOW SWEET of your mom to send you such a meaningful gift!! melts my heart!

Unknown said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! And holy goodness, what gorgeous girlies you have!!! YAY!

Lena said...

Happy Anniversary! We are celebrating our 8th one this year, time flies!

Kim said...

Happy late anniversary! Y'all are just as adorable now as you were then! What a sweet celebration!

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