Tie Dye Scarves

Lets start with a slow round of applause, while we all slowly rise out of our seats, getting a little bit louder with each passing second, as we congratulate al on her amazingness that is fluffy cookies.  I have been trying to tell her that if you do everything half hearted and without paying very much attention, then you can really achieve amazing results :) I am SO PROUD OF YOU AL!  This is a day for the books!!
Also, I have been dying everything I can get my hands on lately.  And luckily I found some jersey sheets under the bed.  and a roll of this gauzy white fabric from who knows when.  So, scarves have been abounding over here.
I started off with the gauzy fabric and mixed some teal and blue RIT dye together in a shibori technique and it was SO FUN.  I followed these instructions but I used RIT instead of onions to dye it.
Then I made like 10.
It was so much fun to mix the colors of the dye to make different colors.  I dont know why I havent thought of that before.  Allison and I have dyed a million different times, but we really never made our own colors.  I think it just makes it so much more personal feeling.  I mixed the pink with tan and the denim with gray and did one blue and then let it dry and did gray over it.  so fun.
Then, I did a few two toned.  I mixed the pink with a lot of tan so it was more nude and did it half yellow.  Then I mixed green and navy and did it with half pink and a little tan.  I folded them up in the shibori pattern and then put them in tubs right next to each other.  I let them stay in there for a few hours and then rinsed them completely, let them dry and then washed them.  I like the rough edges of the gauzy fabric, but I love the soft of the jersey too.
Julie has tried so many more types of folding techniques and I am so excited to try those out and keep mixing colors.
Tie Dye is back! (Right??)


Misty said...

love these :) I have dyed stuff before, but it just never turns out how I saw it in my head... I have been on the hunt for pale pink tshirts for my girls {without a pocket} & haven't found any, so I am getting ready to dye them soon. I'm nervous. So, needless to say, I am beyond impressed with your dying techniques & how awesome it all turned out :)

Britt Fisk said...

Kristen...these are a-mazing!!! I love them. You are about as talented as they come!

Lena said...

Very beautiful scarves, Kristen!

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